Japan 2013 Part 6: Osaka & Nara

My my, it’s been such a long time again, almost a month! Though this time I really have a good excuse because school has become super stressful, especially because I had to work a lot on weekdays. And I went to Strasbourg (post is already waiting to be published…) and therefor missed a week of school. Right before my maths teacher decided to write a test. Yup. Great (Although it turned out that I scored 7 of 15 points so YEAH MAN).

Anyways, this is the last part of my trip. It feels so weird to relive all those great moments we had again. I miss Japan so much, especially Osaka!

So on Saturday after a bike tour through Kyoto, my sister, Chisato and I went off to Osaka by train. Took us a while to figure out how to get to our hotel, but we made it in the end. The location was quite convenient, especially because of the Daily Yamazaki inside it! AWESOME 😀

We arrived at late afternoon, so we decided to change and then get out to Dotonbori and have some Okonomiyaki.


Last day in Kyoto.

In this area, there are a lot of love hotels. So of course I spotted one and said ‘Guys, look there’s a super cute hotel with a girl and roses all over it!’ and Chisato was like ‘Steffi that’s a love hotel’ – ‘oh….’ Steffi strikes again.





Dotonbori canal.


Glico man!



zubara-ya blowfish, so cool.


Chisato with our favorite meal!


Now wait…


Happy sisters.


We also had some Soba as side dish.



Saw this on our way back. Chisato said it’s a bar just for girls to hang out. Because of the name, I thought at first it’s a lesbian bar, HAHA -_-


and this… well

The next day we went to Osaka-jo, which I’ve been looking forward to all this time! The museum inside is super interesting, I’ve learnt a lot about japanese history which I always wanted to. It was a really hot day, but luckily aircon saved us once again. We even saw a newlywed couple taking photos in traditional kimono for their wedding album. I admire them for going through all of this during this heat, but they looked stunning! For lunch, we had Edamame (once again) and japanese pasta. After that we went to Tsutenkaku, but it was during the day and there weren’t many interesting things to do, so Conni and Chisato wanted to take a cruise on Dotonbori canal… SIGH I hate boats and feared that my camera would fall into the water because my hands were slightly shaking… Anyways, it was a lot of fun although we didn’t understand a thing the guide said. He was really impressed when Chisato told him that we’re german though. We spent the rest of the afternoon at Dotonbori where we had dinner (Takoyaki and soba. Need to say more?) and got back to our hotel for a cozy girl’s night.


impressive moat. I can totally see why this castle was so important.



up close.


view over Osaka from the castle.


There were three guys with Hawks, owls and everything! I got curious, so I walked closer to look at them and one of them offered me to take a picture with his hawk! Well, what can I say. IT WAS AWESOME


selfie on our way back.




Glico man once again because, well… Glico man.


The only picture I took during the cruise. Of course Asahi was involved sigh

The next day was probably my favorite day! Why? BECAUSE WE WENT TO NARA!!!!

Ever since I heard that there are deers roaming the city I absolutely wanted to go there.

From Shin-Osaka it takes about 45 minutes (depends on which train you’re taking). When we got out, we took a bus to the park and OMFG DEER EVERYWHERE.

The deer were already there when Nara was built about 1300 years ago and because a white deer protected the building process of the town, they were said to be heavenly animals. That’s why people never got them out of the city or hunted them down /endofcrappyhistorylesson

It’s amazing how much they got used to modern human life! They even learnt to obey the traffic lights, haha. They even chill out in front of the shops (or sometimes go inside and try to steal food), the temple… This is a deer area. Human conventions? Nope.

In the park and around the temple there are dozens of deers. That’s why you have to be careful not to get deer poo all over your shoes…
You can also buy shika senbei for the deer, but be careful they already got closer to us when we just got our wallets… I tell you: They can be very aggressive. They hunt you down. And even bite your butt! So make sure you’re not surrounded by like 20 deers or something at once…

Just kidding, it was a lot of fun though. I’ve never been chased by deer in my life before!

We then went to see the Todai-ji, which was really empressive because it’s a huge single hall, made only from wood! There’s also a huge buddha inside it. It’s a shame I don’t know much about buddhism, so I could’ve paid more attention to all the statues and learnt more. The temple itself was built even before the city itself was founded and is part of UNESCO’s world heritages! The current hall was rebuilt in the 18th century.

After visiting the temple, we had Udon/Soba (Tempura Udon for me, Soba for Chisato & Conni) for lunch and got back to Osaka. We changed, went to Tsutenkaku and got back to Dotonbori for Okonomiyaki (hah) and Karaoke.





The deer are hungry.




With Larry, my favorite. He has a blind as you can see, that’s why I fell in love with him. And he wanted to eat my cute Uchiwa.


‘Sup. Just chillin.





‘C’mon. Let me taste dat uchiwa.’




He was such a cutie!


Conni feeding the deer.


Deer chillin in front of Todai-ji.


That’s my new Cinema Club dress btw.



Dotonbori once again.


Gotta love Okonomiyaki.


At Tsutenkaku.


Amazing view.


I just love how close all the buildings are because Tsutenkaku is not that high…




This concludes our trip to Japan. The next day we had to get up super-early and get to the airport.
Kansai airport is really cool! It’s on an island and while being not huge it looks really nice!

We had some trouble at the check-in counter because the lady didn’t want us to get our mosquito repellant in our suitcases, which is pretty stupid considering that we already brought them here… My sister also left her pepper spray. It was so funny, because the lady asked if it is a perfume and we were like NO She then said we should ask security if it was allowed in the plane but WTF like no. Who would allow us to carry pepper spray to a plane? So we left it and hugged Chisato goodbye, she even came with us to the airport (despite having to go back to Shin-Osaka for her train back home)!

So we hopped on our plane to Amsterdam, spent some boring hours using their wifi until our flight to Munich was due and then FINALLY got home.


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