Japan Part 5: Kyoto (Fushimi-Inari, Kiyomizu-dera)

Because WordPress fucked up my last post, I had to divide it into two posts. Enjoy!

So the next day we got up really early (‘Steph! Wake up! We have a lot going on today!’ – ‘Meeeeeh’) and went to Fushimi-Inari by bus.
Forget about taking beautiful pictures (as seen in Memoirs of a Geisha) of a lonely path lined with torii in the woods. Because there will be lots of people everywhere. And all of them want the same: Nice pictures of the torii. You need lots of luck to get nice photos (I took 40 photos of the torii alone and only 3 of them are acceptable). So if you plan on going to Fushimi-Inari, make sure you go during a less-touristy season (although I suspect the shrine is always crowded with tourists, but maybe you have better luck with japanese people).

Anyways, the walk up to the shrine itself is quite nice (although it might be very exhausting during the summer). But make sure that you always bring, FOR GOD’S SAKE, some mosquito repellant. Because those ************* are all around the forest and super vicious.


The great torii at the entrance.


Don’t forget to wash your hands before entering.


Ema, made by kids. I’d have loved to do that too!


Got it!


taken with my blackberry, don’t like the orange but it’s still nice. There you can see all the people!


I think it’s a fox or a dog.


Another protective spirit.


heavily edited to make it look less orange (and it became yellow instead)


On our way back. Thank god I was spared by the mosquito monsters.

Afterwards we went to Kiyomizu-dera. Just take the bus and walk up the murder mountain hill . There are signs, souvenir shops and people everywhere, you just won’t miss it.
Chisato later told us it was about 41°C that day, which explains why I almost fucking died on the way up. And there’s the rule ‘No Food & Drink on Premises’… Like WTF DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY DIE UP THERE (not by jumping of course). I get that they want to keep the grounds clean (I know those asshole-tourists who are just too lazy to carry their garbage around a little bit longer) but in summer? Seriously? Oh well. I drank a few sips anyways. I hope the staff didn’tmind, but I figured they didn’t want me to faint or be sick either.
I did feel sick after while though, so I sat down at the main terrace to get some rest and Conni went off and took some beautiful pictures!


Murder steps.

kiyomizu-dera photo P1070449.jpg


Kiyomizu-dera photo P1070452.jpg

The famous terrace. Didn’t see anyone jumping from it though 😛

Kiyomizu-dera photo P1070471.jpg

The classic motive.


On our way down, tourist alley

tourist alley photo P1070475.jpg

tourist alley with ‘buy our crappy overpriced souvenirs’-shops (400 Yen for a cucumber on a stick WTF)


In other news, I’ll be going to Strasbourg tomorrow! It’s sort of a school trip, only that just some students were chosen to come along. One of my classmates told our principal I’d be really interested in history and politics, so that’s how I got in!

What bugs me a bit is that I’ll miss a complete week of school and exams are going to start soon… Urgh but I guess I’ll just have to study harder from now on and juggle between school and work. I’ve been already very busy with school, work and social life so that’s why I didn’t get the chance to post this. Looks like it’s going to take forever until I’m done with this! (PLUS a post about Strasbourg…)

(AND all my favorite shows are coming back like WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO TORTURE ME)

Have a great week!


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