Japan Part 4: Kyoto (Departure, Gion, Yasaka-jinja)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but school has started and I’ve been stressed out from work. Free time was spent by taking naps or play with my cat. Blame the change of seasons, but I’ve become even more lethargic than during summer break, cuddling up with my cat, sweatpants and my SBCC hoodie whenever I can. Which is – since school just started – almost every day. It’s kinda like school and work suck out all the energy out of me! But that’s probably because I worked overtime a lot lately and thus lack some sleep…

Whatever, here’s part 4 of my trip!

So on Wednesday we planned to leave Tokyo at Shinjuku station at noon and get to Kyoto within like 3 hours. WELL FUCK. Apparently, you can only buy tickets there, but you need to go to Tokyo Station to board the train. Because the Shinkansen trains you see at Shinjuku station are just for decoration or something. Anyways, back at Tokyo Station, nobody knew which train we had to board. Nozomi? Hikari? Tokaido? My sister asked about three different people and nobody knew anything. We ended up going to the track where Nozomi was about to leave and asked the conductor if our tickets were valid for this train and he said yes! I was like ‘BUT NOZOMI IS SO EXPENSIVE’ but he kept saying ‘It’s alright, it’s alright’ so on board we went. Turns out, Nozomi is the best fucking Shinkansen. Or the best fucking train on the whole world! transrapid who? I totally get why japanese people travel by Shinkansen that much, especially with a train like Nozomi! It took as two hours to get to Kyoto and after eating my bento, I took a quick nap just in time to wake up and see Nagoya station! After 15 minutes, we arrived at Kyoto Station (I think). We paid about 13,000 Yen for our tickets, which is pretty cheap comapred to Germany: If I’d buy an ICE ticket on the day of my departure I’d surely pay at least twice as much. Anyways, you can be smarter and buy/reserve your tickets several days or weeks ahead; that’s probably going to be cheaper…

We then got some information about Kyoto’s public transportation, including bus routes. Now you must know that I HATE riding buses (almost as much as ships), because I sometimes get sick, the bus drivers throw you around and you have to adjust your position all the time because there’s ALWAYS a tourist who puts his elbow into your face or something. Of course all this happened to us too, but I didn’t mind too much because KYOTO. I was overwhelmed by what I saw (that’s the benefit of busses: You see a lot). So: Kyoto Public Transportation: APPROVED.

We still didn’t make it to our hotel without problems though, so my sis hailed us a cab. After checking in and trying to turn on the aircon (took us like 20 minutes wtf) we changed and got on our way to Gion. Our hostel was located in Teramachi-dori and in Germany I looked at the map and thought ‘Man, we have to walk a lot to get to the center’ But then I remembered it’s super central. And it really is! Like you only have to walk 5 minutes to get to Kawaramachi-dori or a bus stop or something! Super convenient.


Nozomi Shinkansen!




Gion – daylight.


blurry picture of us at Yasaka-jinja (also known as Gion-shrine)




Yasaka-jinja from the inside, one of the most popular motives of Kyoto



Prophecies! We got some at Kinkaku-ji




Just strolling around the temple area


dinner at an awesome rooftop restaurant.




Next Part: Fushimi Inari, Kiyomizu-dera & Arashiyama!

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