Japan Part 1: Tokyo (Shibuya, Odaiba & Shinjuku)

Here is part 1 of my report! I hope you can enjoy it, especially since I tried to edit my pictures as good as possible!


We left Munich at 9:30 I think. So we had to get up at like 5:30 to get ready, eat and get to the airport (I think it’s best to be there about 2 hours too early) so we went through all the security and everything, which was pretty fast!

Conni didn't want to buy it for me :(

Conni didn’t want to buy it for me 😦 When totally ragged, only ChupaChups can help! (Ok not really)

Then our flight to Amsterdam took off, where we had to wait 4 hours for the flight to Tokyo URGH We spent most of our time at McDonald’s, bumming their WiFi hrhr. I think I also fell asleep once or twice. Then we got on the plane to Tokyo and settled for the next 12 hours. And everything coul hve been GREAT, if it wasn’t for a little kid, who decided to cry for the next hours… Apparently her parents were totally incompetent or something, because they couldn’t shut the little girl up! I really like kids and I get that flying is a great deal for them, their ears hurt etc. I’ve been there myself. I remember that. But if I would’ve decided to scream during the flight and annoy all the other passengers, my parents would’ve found a way to shut me up. Also, who taakes a kid to a 12-hour-flight wtf

Whatever. We survived. And it’s not us who have to endure that screaming kid all the time, so whatever.

After we landed (which was at like 8 am the following day) we got to our hotel, changed and left our suitcases there because we couldn’t check in yet. Then we got pasmos and went to Shibuya, to meet my sister’s friend Chisato! We even met at Hachiko haha, so cheesy. After a short walk through Center Gai, Chisato led us to a restaurant called Yokodoudona (I think) where we had pasta. Afterlunch, it was puri-time!


Japanese pasta with seafood. Yumm. Cheap and filling.



Afterwards, we walked to Harajuku and that was when I realized what I had to endure for the next two weeks because it was SO hot! It felt like I was also sweating all my energy ahem. Of course we went to Takeshita, but my sister and I were too tired to really go shopping (trust me, we did a few days later) and thus settled for a break at starbucks.


Matcha Frappucino break

Spotted: J promoting his new song all over the town. I really like it though (still, his old songs are above everything)

Spotted: J promoting his new song all over the town. I really like it though (still, his old songs are above everything)



Chisato had to get back home because of work, so we decided to get back to Shibuya and take some more pictures. I went to Tsutaya and bought the September issue of Ray. I kinda wanted to buy LaFarfa too, but completely forgot about it.

Then we went to have dinner at a chinese restaurant (honestly, I have no idea what we ate. It must’ve been something with pork I guess).



The  next day, we met up with Chisato in Odaiba at 10.30 and had ‘brunch’ at an italian restaurant.  After that we strolled through Aqua City and Zepp Diver City and spent most of the day shopping!

Seafood salad.

Seafood salad.

View during brunch.

View during brunch.


Gundam! Conni was like ‘Is he moving or something?’ and Chisato and I broke into laughter. It would be pretty cool though.

With the stiff Gundam.

With the stiff Gundam.





walking. heat. ugh.


front view.


Grand Pacific Hotel. I like the blurry view of the skyline in the background (that’s all smog guys!)


Fuji Tv building.


down there was the a-nation festival! Must have been pretty exciting


more smog-blurred view of the skyline.


Rainbow bridge. I kinda wanna walk the way to Odaiba but on the other hand I’m just too lazy (meh)


The infamous mini verison of the Statue of Liberty. I wasn’t really excited about it since I’ve already seen it three years ago


Wangan Rd

In the evening, we went to Shinjuku to an Izakaya and OMG THEIR FOOD WAS SO DELICIOUS

This was by far one of the most funniest evenings we’ve had! The staff was super nice to us and Conni and me even got member’s cards for the izakaya haha! It’s called Tsukada-Nojo and they have branches everywhere.


Shinjuku. You can’t see it on the picture, but there were lots of bands and singers playing on the sidewalk. Best live music.

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station (Dress: H&M)


best beer ever.


At Tsukada-Nojo.


The izakaya, an awesome place

  The food was actually pretty cheap, but they have a table charge (I think it was 520 per person) like most Izakayas have. Always remember that.


Free potato wedges!


More free food.


Vampire creme brulee.

I hope you liked it!

Next part: Hakone!


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