Fall wishlist

Soooo my favorite season of the year finally hits the stores (mostly)! I know people keep complaining about the weather getting colder and rain and everything, but for me fall was always sort of the real beginning of the year. Probably because of all those years coming back to school in mid-September.

You know what I love about fall? Those warm days, when it’s not too cold enough to go out without a jacket, but not too hot either. Those days when the leaves turn into bright yellow, orange and brown. Sunday afternoon walks through parks. Those days when you feel good wearing soft but warm cardigans. Colors like mustard and bordeaux everywhere. Halloween. That’s what I love about fall. Of course there’s still the much feared November when it rains all the time and the whole month is practically useless (sorry to everyone who celebrate their birthdays in this grey dullness).

Anyways, fall is also the time when I buy the most. It’s weird, but I love nothing more than buying coats, cardigans, nice pullovers and looking for adorable boots.

So far, H&M has been my favorite once again. Whenever it’s time to get new stuff for colder seasons, I turn to H&M. Last year I was pretty much disappointed, but this year everything I love about their fall collections is back on!

hmI’m glad they still have that awesome messenger bag. Also, you can never go wrong with mustard and/or bordeaux.

mangoClassic trenchcoat, nice sweater and dress… I WANT THEM ALL.

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