One word. Four letters. Say it and I’m yours.



I think everybody who cares just a little bit about fashion responds the same way to this word.

So yesterday I browsed through H&M’s & Zalando’s online sale section and the result was a major shopping spree!
The only problem was that the items I chose at H&M that everything sold out so fast I couldn’t even complete my order without at least two items being sold out before I could make the move… So that’s also why I don’t have pictures of two additional items, a pair of sandals and a blouse in mint. anyway, the whole thing only cost me about 49 €! AMAZIIIIIIING


The dress is from my favorite brand mint&berry (there are hardly any items I wouldn’t buy!), the blouse and wedges are from H&M.

I know it’s kind of unnecessary to buy stuff just before I go to Japan, but I just needed a few more items and all of them were so cheap I just couldn’t say no!


As for the lack of blogposts lately… I’ve ben suffering from writers block. Currently, there are about 6 drafts on my dash, each of it with its own, interesting topic and a good introduction, but no content… Like I got all those ideas for posts and started to write them and then BAM. I just couldn’t think of anything to write anymore. Urgh.

But since my trip to Japan is only 11 days away you don’t have to wait for long for lots of posts.



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