Things I’m grateful for

This post will be about things I’ve been grateful for lately. Many people recommended this to me, as part of writing into a diary or something similiar. I admit I didn’t do this too often, only when many significant things happened at the same time, but whenever I read those pages where I wrote about all the good things to be grateful for, I felt better (most of the times). The actual inspiration to this post came from bubzbeauty’s latest video, in which she talks about how she has a routine of writing these things on a notepad every time before she goes to bed.
I think this is a great strategy to remind myself of all the great things in life, even if it seems like sometimes the bad ones overweight. I tend to write mostly negative things into my diary, like when I have a fight with my mother or a friend. Reading past entries, my life seems so negative and unpleasant, but it really wasn’t all that bad!
I really want to try see things more positive, not just because it makes life so much easier, but also because problems are easier to solve when you’re in a good spirit.

Onto the list!

1. The Bavarian education system: I really enjoyed those extra two weeks of holidays.
2. My wonderful friends who celebrated my belated birthday with me!
3. Cuddling with my cat in bed.
4. Going to Japan with my sister this summer!
5. The chance to build my future.
6. Collecting a lot of experience during my internships.
7. My Sunday evening routine: Hot bath, super moisturize my body with Karma Kream, skin care, mask and tea.
8. Gossip Girl. It sounds stupid, but I’ve spent so many hours (re-)watching the lifes of those UES-kids, watching their every move and rooting for Chuck and Blair. This cheered me up so many times!

Just one thing I’m not grateful for AT ALL: The rain. This freaking, never-ending rain! The weather has been bad for weeks. And I’m not talking about the usual spring weather that disturbs our mood. I’m talking about apocalyptic rain. It’s gotten so bad, I even woke up last night after work because the rain stopped for an hour or so. It’s horrible! June has arrived and we still have to face temperatures around 9°C/48°F! My favorite season of the year didn’t even show its face! Talk about springtime lethargy…



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