Lightning In A Bottle Festival 2013

This goes to all the Coachella fans out there!

If you had the chance to attend this year’s Coachella festival, you certainly came across the Do LaB stage. Especially if you like electronic music. If you didn’t, check out this video!

But Coachella isn’t their only project; they produce something just as fantastic: The Lightning In A Bottle Festival in Southern California!
Running in its 8th year, the festival has become a place for great music, unique & fine art, sustainability, spiritual living and performance art. Check out the The Lucent Dossier Experience, one of the greatest performance art acts the festival has to offer!

The Do LaB has been continually working on the festival to bring you a great, positive and uplifting experience. To make this happen, they have worked a lot to make one of the most unique and innovative festivals in the world. How they did that? By melding the basses of electronic music and installation art with spiritual living workshops and the always-present sense of sustainability. This is what has made The Lightning In A Bottle Festival into what it is now:  A place to party, but also to be yourself and enjoy live at the same time.

This video is from 2012:

(I just wanna pack my things and go there…!)

Headlining artists include Nicolas JaarPurity RingRusko, Tycho, Paper Diamond, and GriZ!  And this is just the beginning! If you scroll down, you will see the official poster with the complete line-up for the festival:



The festival will take place from July 11th until July 15th at Lake Skinner County Park in Temecula (CA). Don’t miss out!

For those who want to see another The Do LaB show: You should be in L.A. on May 31st, that’s all I’m saying… (and prepare for, you know, great acts like Liquid, Sugarpill, and Astronautica)

I wish I could be there myself, but part of being a student is studying and returning to my internship next month… (On the other hand, I shouldn’t complain, since I’ll be back in Japan this summer, hah)

Lightning In A Bottle: Website | Facebook
The Do LaB: Facebook | Twitter

If any of you go there, let me know! I’d like to hear about all the amazing things there!



2 responses to “Lightning In A Bottle Festival 2013

  1. Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar! 🙂
    Ja bei Forever 21 findet man echt tolle Sachen. Ich hab mich in Japan jedes mal mit den Sachen dort eingedeckt, haha. Und als mein Mann vorhin auf der Homepage für mich schaute, entdeckte er, dass bei uns in Berlin in 14 Tagen ein Forever 21 eröffnet!! Ich bin grad voll glücklich ;A;
    Mint & berry kannte ich noch nicht, aber du hast recht, die haben ja ein paar süße Sachen 🙂
    Hatte heute sogar Glück und bei H&M ein superhübsches Kleid ergattern können und bei Tally Weijl eins gesichtet, was es aber derzeit nicht in meiner Größe gibt ;_; Ich hoffe, dass ich es nochmal in meiner Größe finden werde!
    Liebe Grüße

    • dir auch danke für den kommentar!
      anscheinend planen die einen deutschland-feldzug, in münchen macht im herbst auch eine filiale auf 😀

      H&M hat mittlerweile leider gar keinen schönen basics mehr. Bei Tally habe ich gern Blazer und Jeansjacken gekauft, aber die sind mittlerweile alle zu kurz geschnitten ;-;

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