Japan, here I go again.

Sorry for the lack of posts latley but I’ve been stressed out from the internship and couldn’t bring myself to do anything productive at all…

Anyways, yesterday my sister and I finally booked our trip to Japan this summer!!


Picture from our trip to Tokyo in 2010

Picture from our trip to Tokyo in 2010

Ever since my family and I went to Tokyo three years ago I wanted to go back, and every year there was a reason why I couldn’t. (too young to go alone, the earthquake, no one to come with me and my sister’s return from California)

But this year my sister and I finally both have time during summer break to go away for two weeks!

You guys won’t believe how excited I am (okay right now I’m really tired because I studied for a Psychology exam all day)

Our flight goes from Munich via Amsterdam to Tokyo on the 7th of August. We’ll arrive in Tokyo next morning at 9 am (I know, this sucks) and stay there until the 14th. Next stop: Kyoto for 3 days! And the last three days are dedicated to the city I want to see most: Osaka! On the 20th we’ll fly back from Osaka via Amsterdam to Munich.

I was so happy to have a cheap flight that goes back home from Osaka because I absolutely did not want to go all the way back to Narita! Plus I’ve never been to KIX before so I’m really excited muhaha.

We also found some nice and cheap hotels (breakfast not included though) so I can spend all my money this summer! Back home I’ll be totally broke…

There are many things I wanna revisit (Meiji Jingu of course and Odaiba, 109 and that restaurant in Asakusa where we just ordered something without being able to read the kanji) and lots of things I haven’t been to! Like most of the parts in Shinjuku, Tokyo Sky Tree of course and lots of parks! And since we have more time this year we’ll be able to just wander around the city!

Kyoto and Osaka are even more exciting, because both of us haven’t been there yet!

I can’t wait to go exploring!

And I want to eat. A LOT.
I think I’ve never really eaten something that was a specialty from there…?

And ‘some’ shopping. Of course. I’ll probably skip clothing and will return with dozens of handbags and jewelry from paris kids…

haha that’s actually really sad. I still remember when my friend Chii showed us that super-cheap store RANDA at Takeshita and my sister had to choose between all those wonderful shoes and I was like ‘meh I want!!!’ Buying shoes there won’t be on option I guess (except for Forever21).
Whatever. I can’t wait to go there and get myself some new, nice and cute stuff!

Also I will buy lots of food. Instant noodles, soft drinks, noodles in general, sweets and of course sauces.

Like when I’m already there why not save money?! (I love shopping at Mikado but 7 € is just too much for sosu…)

And I have to bring stuff for my friends too! (Micha already asked if I could bring her a new hand warmer HAHA)

Fortunately I have very big suitcase and I think there’s also an option to carry 2 bags into the plane?
I don’t know if this works with  all airlines but I did so 3 years ago and last year in Santa Barbara (Lufthansa, my savior). So I hope I can bring one huge bag with all the stuff I can’t fit in my suitcase (and books) and a smaller one where I put all the important things (like passport and money) inside.

If anyone has a recommendation (food/sights/shopping/animals/whatever) for Kyoto and Osaka please comment! I want to collect as much information as possible!

That’s it for now. Today was so exhausting and my head needs a break!

Good Night!


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