Denim Outfit Inspiration

Hey dolls!

After a full week of sunshine and heat (oh wow!) the weather in Germany is back to being cold, rainy and annoying in general. I just got used to drinking Lattes or milkshakes on my way home from school while enjoying the sun or riding my bike in the mornings and now I can go back to sitting inside and feeling gray? I do NOT like that. Let’s just hope it’ll clear up soon.

Anyways, yesterday I decided it was the perfcet weather to buy a new pair of jeans. I was a bit sick so I didn’t make plans with my friends (just coughed a lot and didn’t feel like meeting someone like that). So instead I dressed up in my usual I-have-to-do-something-unpleasant-outfit (usually black pants, chucks, men’s shirt, beanie, trenchcoat and super-big-umbrella) and tried to do the impossible: get myself a new pair of jeans. Since more than a year now I kind of abandoned pants in general and stuck to skirts and dresses, which is why I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in a loong time! But two weeks ago my last pair (except for the well-known someday-it-will-fit-pair) broke and thus I had to face it: I need pants. If the weather is like really really bad but too hot to wear boots you need pants. Sigh.

Anyways, the end of the story is that I bought two pairs who fit well (I think) but are like size 33/34 which disappointed me a lot, since the last time I checked my size was 31/32? Idk exaactly but it really pissed me off. Anyways, I was glad to have fulfilled my mission until I came home and tried to find something to wear. Like, there are about 3-4 pieces I could wear and all of those are of no use once the weather gets better! FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

(seriously this is so stupid. Last year I’ve spent all my time hunting for nice skirts and dresses and now I can spend another year to find myself some nice tops, blouses and shirts.)

So I checked all my favorite magazines and tried to get some inspiration. Problem is still the same: Models are skinny and wear skinny jeans, which I don’t. But I still managed to find some ideas to re-do my wardrobe.

Scans are from here. Her source is probably something like Hudie (who put their watermarks always over the models faces dammit) 

Three outfits per magazine. Tell me what you think & Enjoy!

Bijin Hyakka

Bijin Hyakka

The left one is my favorite. Obvious, right? So pretty! The whole look is relaxed but the T-Strap sandals make it very elegant! I’ll try that soon.  The middle one is simple again, but I like the top and those sandals so I’ll combine it with a blazer I guess. The right one is my favorite for this kind of weather. It looks so cozy and just this week I saw a knit like this at Tally Weijl! Want want want!



I was a bit disappointed because CanCam usually features a lot of elegant denim outfits. But oh well, those were my favorites. My favorite is the left one (again), so cute! I like the middle one too, but I honestly don’t know where I could buy such a top in Europe. Mainly here for being pretty (plus, it’s Aiku Maikawa on that picture. LOVE) The right one is also a favorite. Especially with that bike – I can already see myself riding to school like that!



Finding outfits I like in JELLY has become really hard lately. I guess my taste is mostly mote-kei now (though sometimes a bit of blogger-style appears too). Anyways, I still managed to find something pretty there! This time the middle one is my favorite. It would look boring without that headband, but I wanted one of these anways!



My favorite is the right one – I just love those oversized blouses combined with tight jeans. The left and middle one are mainly here because I like the outfits but I’ll buy something that isn’t too short… Still, pretty outfits!



Ray… When it comes to pretty dresses and skirts I don’t know what I would do without this magazine, but on this purpose it was really hard to find some nice denim outfits… But I still found some! Ha! Favorite: The middle one. I need a top EXACTLY like the one pictured.


What did you think? Yay or nay?

I just wondered if there is ever going to be someting like a completed closet. Like a woman has all the stuff she needs and only buys stuff that she finds sooo cute or when something breaks. I guess not? Because I have a lot of pretty dresses (and meanwhile even skirts, thank god for Mint&Berry) and I always keep thinking ‘I need something like that, because…’

It’s a neverending story. Just like the bills from Zalando…


P.S.: I totally forgot the anniversary of blog! WTF. I will dedicate a post to that soon.

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