MinirDees Spring/Summer 2013

Another MinirDees post! If you want to know more about this brand, check out my previous post!

For this season, they focused on floral prints (I mean it. You can’t escape this at all) and their signature, vintage-esque and romantic look! The theme is ‘Juicy Trunk‘. Also, for the first time ever, they used a japanese model: Coco Kinoshita! She’s a regular at Bijin Hyakka and also appears in Maquia, Sweet, JJ and many more. She also used to have a column at PINKY Magazine before it went out of print.


That dress is just too cute. I don’t like those shoes, the sweater is soo lovely though!


Such a sophisticated, yet cute look! The bag is a mix between elegant and casual, very interesting.


So cute! The hat makes me think of holidays… Summer, where are you?


Roses! I’ve been waiting for this. Playing with the romantic & innocent look is so much fun!


Such a cute, yet short dress again! Perfect for some cake.


More floral prints… And more sunhats…


A very classic and elegant dress. The coloring prevents the whole outfit from looking too girly.


Those shoes again…! Those shorts are pretty, though.


Very simple & chic!


Yumm! And you might have noticed that usamimis are back! Yay!


Can’t go without a cute maxi dress and wedges.


Peplum will obviously stay with us for a while. But that’s fine since it looks nice, especially in this case!


Pictures taken from MinirDees’ website.
More on Coco Kinoshita.

Have a nice week!


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