HAUL: Mint&Berry

A while ago, I read this post at Olympia’s Search For The Perfect Outfit, which featured a Mint&Berry dress. This made me curious, so I checked out their website and fell in love. This gives me hope that I don’t have to focus on just japanese brands anymore. Their dresses are exactly what I’m looking for (and I always, always check dresses and skirts first). Feminine, with a touch of vintage but also modern elements (not too modern). Best thing: The items are affordable! Dresses usually range between 30-50 €. As you might know, I tend to fall in love with expensive brands…

So on one stormy evening after work while my parents roamed the beaches of Dubai (and my dad mailed me lots of pictures of beaches, sun, the sea…), I wanted to get myself some spring feeling. Here’s what I bought:

1. Ice Cream T-Shirt in white
Print Font T-Shirt in white I know it’s not white but shortly after I bought it the white version was sold out so I took this picture.
Pleated Skirt in pearl

It’s pretty basic stuff, but I’m always careful when trying new labels. Also, it was my first order at Zalando! Despite stalking the site for ages, I never really bought anything. Well, until now that is! I already have a list of other Mint&Berry dresses and skirts I crave for and it won’t take long until I’ve spent more money (when I should actually save for a new BlackBerry and a hard drive)

Take a look at Mint&Berry’s new collection:



Here’s their website if you’re interested!

Picture sources: #1 and #2

Happy Easter and have a nice week!


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