What I’ve Been Up To II

Is it possible I’ll start a post without apologizing first for not posting at all anytime soon? Probably not. I’m such a lazy dork. Orz. Anyways, I’m already working on my wishlist for spring, upcoming trends (which I should’ve posted way earlier) aaaand a REVIEW. BOOM. Plus a haul report which I’m going to do this week. Full schedule so to say. Luckily, I have Easter holidays right now (do we sense a pattern here?) and plenty of time.

Lately, I’ve been up to… many things. Except for going out. I seriously don’t know why but I’ve become such a lazy person! And most of my friends, too.

Ah well. On to my recent activity.

1. Reading.

Of course, for me reading is not a habit I just pick up, it’s something I do every day. Newspapers, random books when I have too much time, my school books when I’m bored at class (yes I actually do that – that’s why I always carry my history book around)… The list goes on and on. But there have been some books that I got hooked up on recently. Do you know that feeling when you are reading a new book and the world around you doesn’t exist anymore – even sleeping seems less interesting – everything that counts is that book?
The Maze Runner Trilogy.

These have been on my Amazon recommendation list for months. I came across some fans on tumblr and thought ‘Why not give it a try?’ and bought the first book on Amazon (they really captured me with their stupid recommendations!).
At first, it was hard to read because not even the main character knew what was going on and the others kept throwing weird words at him. But the story became so exciting and I fell in love with the characters and their ships (yeah that’s the fault of tumblr. NALBY!)… So I finished The Maze Runner in one day and immediately ordered the sequels.
The story really caught me. It’s not the usual post-war story set 200 years in the future where only one person can save everyone, fights against a ruthless system and has to decide between two guys/girls. To me, it’s about friendship, the weakness of our governments and what is left in the end when you had nothing to begin from. Right now I am almost finished with the last book (minus the prequel) but I can’t continue atm  because someone told me my favorite character will die. Every time I turn a page I’m scared it’ll happen… It’s the same when everyone told me Dumbledore, Sirius and Finnick are going to die… I feel so much for these characters and every time one of them dies. Sigh


The Peter Grant Series
I bought The Rivers of London about a month ago and in addition to TMR, Moon over Soho came along too! The smell of new books, mhmmm…
At first it was so hard to read the first book because it was full of these british police terms I didn’t know before (most of them shortcuts for something) but it really did grow on me. The whole ‘Harry Potter as a Police Constable’-setting sounded really ridiculous at first but it did grow on me fast. Especially because of Nightingale. And the second book is even better! I don’t want to spoil anyone so I’ll keep my mouth shut. I can’t wait for Whispers Underground though.

2. Workout…


…on YouTube! I’m totally addicted to blogilates right now! Sometimes the way she talks irritates me but her workouts are awesome! I especially love the VS-workouts – they really do feel good.
It looks so stupid when I’m doing these – I should’ve taken a photo of me doing them (or maybe not). Ever since my physio therapist told me I have to build up muscles on my legs so I won’t damage the joints on my knees, I’ve been working out regularly (mostly). I still see no effect though and my knees keep hurting if I strain them too much. It really is frustrating, but I keep going. I don’t want to carry this stuff around until I’m 60.

3. Driving.

I know this is a pretty random one, but ever since my mum got comfortable with me driving on my own I use every opportunity I have to take her car! Mostly on my own because then I can rock out to music (and my friends always tell me not to curse at people doing stupid things, but I just can’t stop myself!). Of course, I still try to use my bike as often as possible. But if you’ve been to Germany in the past two weeks you’d know that Winter is not planning on going away. Which sucks but we have to adjust ourselves to it. Anyways, I was thinking of getting my own car but decided not to because  a) I’d rather spend the money on clothes and holidays b) I don’t even have said money c) It’s only two years until graduation and then I’ll probably move back to Munich or some other huge city where a car is unnecessary. These might sound stupid to some people, but a car was never something I really wanted. A nice apartment, an expensive and decadent holiday once a few years, clothing, those are the things I’d like to save money for. Most of my friends in this town save for cars or similiar things, but I have my mind somewhere else! Wether this is a good thing or not, I don’t know…

There’s no picture of me driving. Which is good, I guess.

Does anyone else here rock out to music while driving? Or curse at stupid people crossing the street without looking? I can’t be the only one who does that…


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