Filler – Meme

☝ – How tall are you? 1.67 m / 5.5 ft
✔ – Sexual Orientation straight
♨ – Do you Smoke? Yes.
☟ – Do you Drink? Ocassionally.
♒ – Do you Take Drugs? No.
✖ – Age you get mistaken for 23
☆ – Have Tattoos? No.
★ – Want any tattoos? No.
☯ – Got any Piercings? No.
✌ – Want any piercings? Maybe.
♧ – Best friend? Chrissy.
♥ – Do you like anyone? No. I’m obsessed with the beauty of some people but I didn’t like anyone for a looooong time. Last time I liked a guy was almost a year ago :D”
♔ – Top 5 favorite bands? The Beatles. My Chemical Romance. Queen. Kis-My-Ft2. (does that count?) 30 Seconds to Mars.
♬ – Top 5 favorite songs? Hey Jude. The Sharpest Lives. Don’t Stop Me Now. Smile. This is War.
☹ – Biggest pet peeve? People poking their fingers in their ears. Argggghh. No. When you’re around me DON’T DO THAT! EVER.
✍ – Story from your childhood. My sister once forced me to sniff snuff tobacco! I really hated her afterwards.
☄ – I wish… to have more money, more time to spend with my friends. to find a new love this year.
® – Favorite foods? Tempura Udon/Wiener Schnitzel
☀ – Story about your day. My mom forgot to pick me up at the doctor, so I sat in the waiting room coughing to death.
♕ – Top 5 celebrity crushes? Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tom Hardy. Michael Fassbender. Audrey Hepburn. (Yes, it’s a girl crush. I just love Audrey. She’s perfection.) Hugh Grant.
♔ – Top 5 favorite movies? Watchmen. The Dark Knight Trilogy. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
☮ – Top 5 favorite TV shows? The Simpsons. Die Heute Show. Gossip Girl. The Vampire Diaries. Mad Men.
✏ – Random fact about yourself. I sigh a lot when falling asleep.

Found it on tumblr. I think I could do this as fillers between ‘serous’ blog posts. What do you think? Or should I keep this on my tumblr?


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