Juge Etta Spring 2013

Hey dolls!

I’m sorry for being off the radar for so long, but school kept me very busy and I had no time to do anything blog-related. Luckily, I have holidays this week! This means I have more time for… everything. Like preparing more blog posts.

Today, I am going to introduce Juge Etta‘s Spring Collection.


Juge Etta is produced by VENT INTERNATIONAL, a company that also produces Liz Lisa (which is sort of the ‘little sister’-brand of JE, despite being around much longer), Tralala and others.

Combines the nostalgic and trends, is feminine not forget,and proposes a fashionable Underlying the good old days in Paris's fashionable, passionate about seeking to polish their mastertrend-conscious enjoy like travel, my boom, a feminine Skin showed a sense ofloveliness will not forget ......

I love engrish…  Summarized it means French Lady – Nostalgic & trendy, yet feminine. Once again, Paris plays a huge part as inspiration.

Theme for this collection is Fancy Flower Sweet Lady in Morocco.

One-Piece: 14,490 Yen
Enamel Pumps: 14,490 Yen
Bag: 10,290 Yen
Necklace: 4,095 Yen

If that dress wasn’t short (and expensive!), I’d straight buy it…

Blouse: 11,340 Yen
Skirt: 13,440 Yen
Enamel Pumps: 14,490 Yen

That blouse looks very light and yet it covers the arms – perfect for spring.

Coat: 19,740 Yen
One-Piece: 13,440 Yen
Scalloped Pumps: 14,490 Yen
Pierce: 5,145 Yen
Both dresses are too short for my taste, but I guess that’s because those models are western. Flower prints + a simple coat = instant win!03
One-Piece: 13,440 Yen
Enamel Pumps: 14,490 Yen
Pierce: 3,045 Yen

Same goes for the dress on the right. But those pumps are definitely a perfect match!02
One-Piece: 20,700 Yen
Enamel Pumps: 14,490 Yen

I don’t like the flowers on this dress, they add a bit of 70s flair which doesn’t exactly fit the theme.


Tweed Tops:1 3,440 Yen
Short Pants: 10,290 Yen
Enamel Pumps: 14,490 Yen
Pierce: 3,045 Yen

This Tweed-combo is so nice! The color makes it seem very light and because of the short pants it’s perfect for spring.


I liked their spring collection, although the winter collection was loads better. Two things disturbed me: 1. The price. No need to say anything more, right? (Sometimes, it’s just… urgh. I have an expensive taste) 2. The length of the clothes in general. Sometimes I wonder if Juge Etta’s customers aren’t scared at all that someone’s going to see their panties! What if you need to pick up something from a high shelf in the supermarket?
Apart from that, I really liked this theme, especially since sherbet colors are apparently all the rage again! This style is indeed a more mature version of LizLisa and with these clothes you probably don’t even need much effort to look pretty. Simple is best.

Juge Etta Official Website (This is were I took the pictures from)

Both websites are available in Engrish English.



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