A Long Road

Like I said 6 days ago, I want to devote a whole post to the changes my blog has gone through.

It’s actually more than a new theme & name… To me at least.

When I started this blog 9 months ago, I didn’t know an entire new hobby would appear in my life. I just thought ‘Hey blogging, cool stuff, share some pictures and see what happens’ Well. I admit it wasn’t one of my most elaborated ideas. Mainly because I usually abandon those new projects after a short amount of time (after discovering that it’s not as easy as imagined) or I just don’t find it that amazing anymore. This was the end of many careers I tried to pursue (becoming a volleyball/swimming champion, playing the flute/guitar/singing in a choir, dancer, comic artist, web designer, JE stan…) but somehow, my blog kept staying alive. After a few months, when I knew something was going to change for me, I thought: ‘Why not change my blog, too?’ That’s why I announced that WML would be going through major changes and two of the most important, so-called major changes were finally completed last weekend.

The new name was the biggest project.
WHAT MAKES US LIVE was the first idea that popped into my head when I tried to decide for a name, but in the end it doesn’t really match my blog. It is more suitable for a lifestyle-blog and that’s not what I’m doing here. So I began looking for a new name. I came up with names like The Jelly Girl, Destination Unknown and Amortentia. The latter one was actually my favorite, but I felt like Maison Faye was just a better fit. Roughly translated from French, it means Faye House. I like the idea of my blog being like a house. A place you can stay and dwell in.
Another reason is that it reminds me of Maison Gilfy, one of my favorite japanese brands.

The theme was another problem. First, I’d have to pay to use my own theme and second, I don’t know yet how to make one. As for now, my HTML-skills are not good enough to develop a personalized theme. Which is why I chose Oxygen and added a unique background + header.  I like it a lot and it will stay like this for a while (I think).

I hope you like it just as much as I do!



4 responses to “A Long Road

  1. Hey! Ich liebe deinen neuen Blog genauso wie deinen alten, weil es immer noch dein facettenreiches geniales ICH dahinter steckt. Bleib dabei und mach das Beste daraus!

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