BOOK REVIEW: The One Hundred

I wanted to write about this book for quite some time (about 4 months…)  but I honestly forgot about it. With so much going on inside my head I had barely time to come up with a post.

Now, I rarely do book reviews (as you can see on my GR account) but this one has become a great guide (not only for shopping!) to me.

Original edition (Goodreads picture)

Nina Garcia’s Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own

Author: Nina Garcia (Illustrations by Ruben Toledo)
Publisher: HarperCollins (American edition), Mosaik-Goldmann (German edition)
Pages: 320
Other works of the author: The Little Black Book Of Style, The Style Strategy, Nina Garcia’s Lookbook

In her second book, Garcia lists the (in her opinion) 100 pieces every woman must own. From an A-Line dress to Cashmere knits, she covered nearly every essential I’ve ever heard of. Only the mention of an IPod/IPhone kind of confuses me. I don’t see where both items are making women ‘stylish’ (but I won’t start a discussion about that now because everyone knows I’m an crackberrian and thus very biased). Anyways, Garcia gathered not only essential clothing items and how to wear them, but also very interesting background facts about most of them. For anyone who doesn’t know the history of flats, caban jackets or biker boots (or even jeans), this book is a valuable source. Many famous actresses and models are mentioned, too. All my favorite Brigitte-Bardot-movies are in this book. She also recommends her favorite designers of particular items. The way she writes about them makes me want to go shopping everytime. Although Garcia writes from a very subjective view, she somehow manages to keep a general opinion (that makes her either a genius or a very ordinary person).

On Blazers… (My Beauty Match)

But  the thing I love must about this book are (let’s be honest) Ruben Toledo’s illustrations. He worked with Garcia before (The Little Black Book Of Style) and absolutely adore everything he draw, every little stroke in this book. Not only are his works a great piece of art, but also so simple and yet so great. I wonder if there’s a calendar with his work…


Overall, this book was a great investment. Of course, there a few items I highly doubt you need to be stylish (the previously mentioned IPhone/IPod, flipflops, Kaftan, Sarong, Yoga pants…) but then again, Garcia wrote this book based on her own, personal opinion. I also wonder why she left out Maxi dresses. Sure, petite girls hardly find one that fits them, but I haven’t bought a Bikini since I was thirteen.

German edition (Amazon)


  • alphabetical order
  • lots of items
  • useful information on Do’s & Don’ts (‘Sometimes, girls are seen wearing tights as pants. Which they aren’t.’ I love her for this.)
  • interesting background information (First appearance of flats to the fashion world: And God Created Woman with Brigitte Bardot, 1956)
  • Great artwork


  • some items aren’t mentioned
  • some items shouldn’t be mentioned
  • A bit average
  • too USA-centered

If you’re interested in fashion, looking for advice, craving for information about your favorite clothing items, interested in Nina Garcia’s books or simply need to stock up your personal fashion book shelf (like me), then you shouldn’t miss this.

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I hope you liked my first book review! Since this blog is mainly about fashion, I want to write about books that are about fashion.

Now, I’ll go back to trying to write my second report for school (I’ll probably end up writing the whole thing one day before deadline anyway).

Have great week!

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