Hey dolls,

today I’ll show you a brand I got interested in recently. This is different from ‘My Favorite Brands’ series, though I might just put those two together and change the name or something. Less confusing, I guess? In the end it’s pretty much the same, pictures of brands’ collections… Though most of the labels I shop at are of the one-season-only-kind. Whatever.

MERCURYDUO is featured in like every mainstream fashion magazine in Japan (CanCam, JJ, Jelly, even my beloved Bijin Hyakka) and thus widely known. I stumbled across their site when I googled the Empire Waist Dress from my latest Wishlist. And I found out that it is actually a design of MERCURYDUO! (I guess the one @ PF is a fake then, ’cause the probably real one costs about 12,600 Yen… Even the picture was stolen!)

Well, on to their current collection:

This is so stunning! Reminds me of Clémence Poésy.

Those tights. LOVE THEM

A playful, yet elegant outfit.

Where should I begin? The dress is simply stunning (look at that tiny bow!) and the shoes add a nice splash of color. Not to mention the whole setting looks like it’s in a sideroom at a chic cocktail party!

I’d entitle this picture as ‘Reminiscence of an old love’. So romantic. sigh

A challenging, yet cute outfit. Catch me if you can.

Usually, chiffon pleated dresses AND a thick fur jacket look a bit cheap, but those bordeaux pumps make it a lot more mature.


What did I tell you? Still, I love the dress sooo much and I’m very tempted to buy it. cough.

I love the combination of a chunky sweater and a delicate Tutu. So cute (not that mature though)

Neo-Brigitte-Bardot Part II. This model really pulled MERCURYDUO’s collection off!

I hope you liked it! Whenever I come across a current collection that I like, I post it to tumblr. But this time, I decided to share it with you. Maybe I’ll do this again (JugeEtta have a very nice AW collection this year…), it’ll depend on the response of this post.

And you may have noticed that I changed my theme! It’s only temporary until I’ll go for a new one though.

And I got a haircut today! My friend who’s a hairdresser did it for me and I finally have shorter hair!

I love love love it!


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