My Favorite Brands PART 1: MinirDees

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite japanese brands – MinirDees!

The name comes from the french term for preciousness, mignardises. MinirDees is part of CREDGE, the same company that produces LIP SERVICE, JsG, JURRIANO JURRIE and many others. It debuted in February 2010 by opening the first store at Shibuya 109. Meanwhile, they have expanded over the country, with stores in Osaka (Shinsaibashi), Nagoya (Maruei) and Shizuoka!

Concept: ‘We promise a neat style, with great details, for charming and feminine women.’

MinirDees’ style is a more mature and simple version of Liz Lisa, thus a lot of Gals are buying there. Their main customers are High School girls and university students.

This season, they went for a very cute vintage-esque style with simple french elements, not too overloaded.

MinirDees’ A/W Collection 2012

Checked Peplum Trenchcoat, 11,340 ¥.
So pretty! The golden buttons add an elegant touch to it.

Blouse: 5,460 ¥, belted skirt: 5,985 ¥, shoulder bag: 7,980 ¥, bowler hat: 4,410 ¥
Where should I start? I just love the fur collar. This makes the whole look a bit more fit for fall. The blouse is a basic, but very pretty item, just like the skirt. The lace on it is totally cute by the way! That’s such an Liz Lisa element. The bag is a little spot of colour with the whole grey-black combo. And the bowler hat adds some british-boyish chic.

Onepiece: 7,980 ¥, tights: 1,995 ¥
Flower prints are still an option for fall/winter, if they’re in a staidly color, like brown. This makes it more mature, too. I find this corset-esque thing wrapped around the model’s waist a bit disturbing – not because it’s a corset but because it somehow makes this look really weird. I’d totally wear that combo without the corset though.

Dress: 6,930 ¥, chiffon blouse: 5,460 ¥, tights: 1,995 ¥
Bordeaux. The makes-everything-more-mature color. I just love it! It makes everything so elegant! The whole combo with the blouse (love the bow!) reminds me a lot of Mary Magdalane (a famous Classic Lolita brand).

Checked one-piece: 5,985 ¥, Cardigan: 6,510 ¥, beret: 2,940 ¥, tights: 1,995 ¥
Those tights seem to be a signature item in this season’s collection… The cardigan seems a bit too big and oversized combined with that tiny and cute dress, not really my type.

Onepiece: 7,560 ¥, tights: 1,995 ¥, waist belt: 2,940 ¥
This is a look that could also be found at Forever21. This shows that MinirDees sometimes has a more western orientation. I’d love to see more of that!

Knitted set: 13,440 ¥, shoulder bag: 7,980 ¥, tights: 1,995 ¥, necklace: 3,045 ¥
ASDFGHJKL. Sorry. One just has to adore this set. Take a classic chanel costume jacket, add shorts of the same fabric, make the whole thing a bit cuter and voilà. (But why so expensive aaah)

Two-way trenchcoat: 11,340 ¥
So gorgeous. Trenchcoats with ‘capes’ are totally in.

Coat: 13,440 ¥, tights: 1,995 ¥
Okay I have to admit: This is SO weird. It looks like a down jacket, just more like a coat and… just really, really weird. But perfection is hardly to achieve.


To sum it up:
MinirDees brought us a great collection this year, with many french elements and inspirations. What I really like is that they’ve become more feminine and less frilly. Not everyone of us (cough) can pull off a Liz Lisa and look good in it. Their frequent use of retro colors (bordeaux, for example) is also a great improvement.
The brand should focus on finding a ‘signature style’, because it can be really confusing to keep track of its styles sometimes though.

Also, I like the use of foreign models. It takes the whole only-japanese-people-can-wear-this-aura away.

Check out their website!


What I’ve been up to lately: relaxing, sleeping, sports, sleeping, watching Once Upon A Time (Henry is so freakin cute!) and trying to find time for a new outfit post. Oh well.

And I started reading Arcadia Awakens (finished on Saturday’s babysitting), A Cemetery in Prague (tough to read, but veeery good), The Talented Mr. Ripley (I kept thinking of how great Matt Damon would be in a movie version and then discovered: He IS great in a movie version. LOL) and Sense and Sensibility (no opinon yet). Yes I’m reading several books at the same time. Depends on my mood which I read.

Has anyone read Warm Bodies? I’d like to give it a try, the plot somehow seems pretty nice.

Have a nice week!

6 responses to “My Favorite Brands PART 1: MinirDees

  1. Oh I never heard of this brand, so cute things, and such great prices! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to look into this!

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