Octavia and her friends

Hey guys,

sorry for the lack of updates (talk about updating regularly…) but I’ve been really busy for the past few days.

Tuesday: Shopping with my friend Chika (plus staying at her flat for the night), buying stuff for my mother, meeting with my friends from nurse college for drinks

Wednesday/Halloween: Buying japanese groceries, returning a sweater from yesterday’s shopping tour, lunch, visiting Laura, then off to my sister’s to party with her + roomies

Thursday/All Saints’ Day: sleeping, breakfast, going back home, sleeping.

So Tuesday. I had stomache cramps so the whole shopping-to-death-thing was kinda canceled, I didn’t buy as much as  expected (though I somehow managed to spend over 130 €…)
But we still went to Dean & David for lunch (the only place were I eat veggie food) and later had awesome dinner at Chika’s: Salad, cucumbers (roasted in cream) and fried tomatoes  (wrapped in bacon). YUMMMMMMM We also wanted to go to the new Abercrombie & Fitch store but there were so many people it would’ve taken like 2 hours to get in… Seriously, not even half of the people are even buying something there…! Weirdos.

The softest sweater I’ve ever had. It’s made of Angora or something.

A super oversized sweater, I totally fell in love with it. I wore it on Wednesday, so keep on reading for some more pictures.

This bag was also love at first sight. Although I already have one in the same color scheme, I just had to buy this one. I bought it at Orsay, along with the two sweaters above.

This one is from Mango, which has a lot of bordeaux items this season. LOVE IT. (though the picture turned out to be weird…)

I also bought a sports bra at H&M, but it’s still in my suitcase which I haven’t opened yet… hem.

With Chika. (why is my head so huge?!)

On Wednesday, I went to the city while Chika was at uni and bought some groceries at Mikado. Finally bought more Miso soup, rice and Udon, plus some Daifukus for my sister. I also had a strange encounter with a girl dressed up as zombie, complaining about tuition fees… Sometimes I feel so bad for students in countries like Japan, they can only dream of 800 € per semester…

Later, I visited Laura. It was nice to catch up, it’s been months since I’ve seen her.

Afterwards, I went to my sister’s where I spontaneously decided to go party with them. Because I lacked a costume, my sister somehow managed to turn a tablecloth into a roman toga. I decided I’d be Octavia (wife of Emperor Augustus, check Wikipedia if you don’t know her), because nobody knows Salome (my initial idea – again: Wikipedia). But Octavia worked well for me, it was one of the most funniest nights I’ve ever had and I was so happy to see my sister again!

Tonight, I’ll go to a Chippendales performance in Munich with my friend Micha who invited me. I’ve seen any and I wonder if they’re as good as they are said to be!

Have a nice weekend!


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