Reviewing Magazines: Seventeen

Or: Popteen – heavy make-up and weird dyed hair = Seventeen

No, I’m just kidding (a bit.)

I really liked ranting about reviewing Popteen, so I thought I’d do this with other magazines, too. Seventeen was on top of the list, because despite having a lot of readers even outside of Japan, no one really writes about it… (Again, it’s just gyaru, lolita, mori and cosplay. and visual kei. HAHA)

First, I have to get some things off my chest. I really, really like Seventeen. I always did. There are certain things that disturb me like most of their models (no, I’m not going to talk about skinny models. Not again.) or their diet tips. Also, this magazine is targeted at high school girls, which I can’t really identify with. But then again, I read it for the fashion, so I simply skip the how-do-I-get-a-boyfriend-parts.

The next thing is that I can’t post the whole magazine, so I’ll just give you some excerpts of what I like and don’t like.

Scans: mag scans @ tumblr & bokuranozashi @ lj

Happy Halloween! I really hope that no one actually wears those costumes, though. By the way, look at that cute Rilakkuma (did I ever mention that I’m totally obsessed with that little bear?)!

Cute Coats! Floral prints are definitely a nice change for fall. Also, fake fur and overknee boots = awesome!

Sporting the denim-and-black-look (though Mariya’s look is more blue than black…) I love Ayame’s look though!

Aw those berets are so cute! I might get the red one…

Love love this look! Mariya looks so gorgeous (dotted tights = perfection) and that coat! It’s a biiiit too short, but still really gorgeous. What I find really strange is her boyfriend’s sweatpants-jacket-look…

That bordeaux peplum-skirt is great! If only I could wear peplum… And I like Masaki’s outfit, too.

Checked shirts! Typical for fall, of course. Personally, I’d like to get a shirt like those but the fabric looks a bit too rough so I’ll stay away from those. That leather skirt is too much, though.

I’ve never been to Japan in Autumn, but if it’s warm enough to wear those short skirts, they can consider them lucky.

Those outfits are just perfect for school.

Another Mirei Kiritani doppelgänger?

HAHA this reminds me soo much of Switch Girl! I do know some girls who could use a guide like this, though…

Did you like it? I really like those kind of posts, maybe I’ll do that on a regular basis…

Have a great weekend! I’ll have to find something to wear now, it’s snowing (URGH) and I promised my classmates to meet them at a club…


6 responses to “Reviewing Magazines: Seventeen

  1. Hey there!
    I love to see you’re reviewing mags! It’s really nice to see what you like and what not.
    Some sort of criticism though, maybe an all in all statement or sth at the end would be nice to wrap it up?
    I know you don’t have much time because of school, but strictly blog speaking maybe a bit more of detailed comments on the outfits would be nice.
    But that’s just me, I’d read whatever you post here!!!
    Love you♥

  2. Nice review! I find that Seventeen in particular post really cute but mature fashion pieces 🙂

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