What’s In This Fall: Japanese Fashion Magazines PART 2

Hey everyone, I’m back with Part 2 of my autumn-compilation. This time it’s about ViVi and Bijin Hyakka.

Scans are from Zasshiko and Kozumifan@LJ.

I hope you enjoy it!

Black & White combos are so classic. (though the tights are kinda weird)

Reina Triendl! She’s such a cutie. Just like this knit! (bonus points for that mint-colored clutch)

I’m not really a fan of studded shoes, but I have to admit they look kinda good here.

Hair arrenges! Also, take a look at those beanies. They’re so cute!

Coats! That was a big feature in this issue (though I couldn’t include all of them). Of course, Camel and black coats are on top.

More coats and… more camel! Love it.

Military has been featured a lot lately, so if you still have some items from last year, keep them! I look forward to wearing my H&M Military-coat (in Camel! HAHA) again!

Moving on with my favorite, Bijin Hyakka! This is a bit more mainstream (because japanese fashion is not all about gyaru)

I love everything about this outfit! Once again, so casual and yet so chic.

More chic and casual looks. Love the one in the middle – that apricot blazer is a nice dash of color!

Emi Suzuki! How can you not love her? Red and black is also a great combo – especially with a cute hat like the one on the left.

You sure know that I’m a huge fan of dots, but this outfit is simply perfect. Everything is kept simple to avoid an overload of pattern and colors, but those shoes are a nice statement!

This is probably a leftover from summer, but a really nice one! with some cute tights it would be perfect for fall!

Floral patterns are always a great choice – especially on this lovely dress (apuweiser riche)

More daily outfits. Did you spot Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen? (Season 5)

That’s it for now. I’m thinking of doing a third part with Seventeen and Popteen (though I couldn’t bring myself to read PT after I raged about their diet book), so tell me if you’re interested.


2 responses to “What’s In This Fall: Japanese Fashion Magazines PART 2

  1. Oh I’d love to see your comments for Pop xDDD
    But this month should be the AnkRouge 2 Year anniversary thing so maybe give it a try? xD
    Seventeen is not really my thing anymore but I’d love to see some stuff?
    Always looking forward to your posts dearie♥

    • well tbqh I thought about doing that XD

      i also thought about ank (especially since the perfume was released) so maybe that’ll be one of my next topics ;D

      thank you sweeitie ❤

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