Moving on, but still looking back

It’s German Unity Day and Autumn gave us a little piece of this summer. The weather was great (not like the last few days… orz) and I decided to take some pictures outside!

By the way, we don’t really celebrate this day. I mean, it’s a holiday and there are a lot of parties (like in Munich where a huge party was held at the Odeonsplatz) but it’s not like Independence Day… Which is a shame actually, it would be nice to get together and celebrate! But I guess everyone is just happy to have a day off (including me).

I went to a forest which is close to our home and enoyed the last bits of the sun. I kinda miss summer, it was like living in a different world. Summer was always the beginning and the end of something and somehow this summer marked actual end of my year in Munich. A year ago, I just moved into my dorm and went to nurse college and this year, I’m going to school again, but this time back at my parents’ house. Nonetheless, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I just love this smell. It really smells like autumn now (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?).

Sunglasses, Scarf, Boots, Jacket: Unknown. Sweater: Pimkie. Necklace: SIX. Skirt, Tights: H&M. Bag: Tally Weijl.

I love this picture but it’s so dark… Argh. I couldn’t do anything more than this.


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