dilemmas now come in bite-sized pieces

Hey everyone!

I bet everyone has this one blogger, that you hate and love at the same time. For example, you find her/his personality absolutely disgusting, but the posts are just awesome.

For me, it’s Xiaxue.

Well, I guess a lot of people (especially those who are into fashion and watching internet-drama while eating hypothetical popcorn) know her.

I will never be able to decide wether I love or hate her, because there are so many reasons to choose both sides.


  • She’s honest. She says what she thinks and doesn’t care what others think about her.
  • She attracts drama like I do with mosquitos. And I love drama. The way people overreact on the Internet – it’s amazing.
  • Most of her outfits.
  • The way she reacts to her haters (even though it’s questionable sometimes). ’cause honestly, very few people are strong enough to endure haters who hack your accounts, threaten your family and your friends, trying to humiliate you in public and loads more for 10 years. Even though I don’t agree with some of her strategies I have to say: Pretty tough girl.
  • Her confidence.
  • Her blog. If you skip all her advert-posts, it’s really interesting.


  • Her craze about being skinny. Okay I get it, you like seeing yourself pretty, but just because some people don’t weigh 38 kilos at 1.55 or whatever it doesn’t mean they are fat. Neither does having this weight mean you’re skinny aka petty. Also, not all overweight or fat people ‘except Moms who just gave birth and said “fuck it” to the scales’ are too lazy to go to the gym or have no self-control to stop themselves from eating.
  • She’s such a hypocrite sometimes. Really. As mentioned above, apparently fat (btw I hate this word) people are lazy and have no self-control. But somehow, she’s the one who took diet pills to lose weight, because she says herself that she can’t go to the gym and has no self-control when it comes to eating. Right. But maybe I am biased on that one because she hates ‘FATTIES WHO HATE ON PEOPLE WHO ARE SKINNY. As if the rest of us who care about our looks are shallow, miserable assholes who are worth nothing.’  Did you ever consider the situation of very overweight people? That they might have, IDK, a thyroid disease? And well, not everyone fits a size XS. Fashion is cruel to those who are overweight, even I feel that sometimes and I wouldn’t consider myself as ‘fat’ (maybe chubby).
  • Sometimes she really should watch her language. I also swear a lot (that was even mentioned in the yearbook from 10th grade…) but there’s a line.
  • Speaking of a line, same goes for those disgusting things she’s sometimes posting. Just check out her latest entry about pregnancy and a ‘vomit plastered toyland’. I’ll spare you the details.
  • I could also mention that she had a plastic surgery and photoshops her pictures, but a) that’s none of my business and b) who doesn’t photoshop their pictures nowadays? I don’t mean to say it’s okay (because I think it’s gotten out of hand) but this argument is useless.
  • Her confidence. Yes I know that’s also a pro-point, but it sometimes turns into arrogance and wishful thinking. Yes I know her blog has 40,00 visitors a day. Yes she’s awesome at photoshop. But does that make her a better person? No. It makes her someone with talent and the brains to use it. But there are many people like that (including history’s most powerful dictators, who were all pretty much horrible people) and I wouldn’t count them as ‘nice’ or ‘good’.

Well, I will constantly be in a dispute over Xiaxue, but at least I get my daily dose of drama. Yumm.

As for myself, I caught a cold. Damn. I got it from the kids who are like sick all the time. I’m really scared I’ll get headlice or something…

But I bought new contacts (yay!) and my stuff form H&M finally came. Gonna show it to you soon.

Well I have to a report for school so I’ll be occupied the whole weekend. urgh. So I hope at least you guys will have a nice weekend!


2 responses to “dilemmas now come in bite-sized pieces

  1. I only heard about the girl recently but I’d say she is very open to speak out but sometimes it’s get a bit too much? I looked on her blog and it is very cute but her personality and words are what interest people the most to Xiaxue’s blog from what I’ve noticed.

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