Don’t cry sweetie

Basically what I’ve been saying all week (except for this weekend – hooray!).

As part of my education at FOS (post explaining this for non-germans coming soon) or, to make it easier for you guys, high school, I have to do one internship every semester (pedagogics in the first and nursing in the second).
This semester, I was assigned to a local kindergarten. So after only two days of school I rushed in at 11 am (yeah I know: late but I had to go through a theory test for my driver’s license – PASS! yay ) and observed, helped kids put their clothes on, told them not to punch each other because of the Power Rangers and had to play with them outside.

This one day made me even more realize: Fuck, I don’t want to have kids. Not that they aren’t nice. Or cute. In fact, they really are, but they are also very exhausting.
Whatever you tell them to do, they immediately forget it and run off to play with their friends. They start crying because they miss their mums, because lunch is early today, because it’s raining, because they can’t put on their pants, because I forbid them to run around the house naked… I sometimes wonder if I was the same at that age (to be quite honest: I was probably even worse…)

But don’t think I hate working there! The pros definitely dominate my routine there. I have a lot fun with the kids, there’s a lot to do (and I hate nothing more than a boring internship without any work) and my colleauges are super nice. I even met a girl I used to be friends with a few years ago! Such a small world.
Working with those kids is mostly very nice (except when it’s raining), because its just so easy to make them laugh or to keep them busy. Like, I ask them ‘Do you want to play something?’ and they are all like ‘YAAAAAAY’ and start running towards me. I also try to let them draw stuff as often as possible. This mostly turns into me drawing the kids vampires, cat girls, batman, etc. but they still do a lot on their own and often give me their work. So sweet.

Of course, I like all of the kids there, but there are some I could just hug all the time (which they do, by the way. I get a lot of hugs.) There’s a girl who brings me chestnuts from home everyday. Another one seems to find nothing more entertaining than sitting on my lap all the time. Two draw a picture for me every day. And there’s this cute little boy who comes running at me everytime he sees me.

Of course, there are ups and downs, but I know I could never become a kindergarten teacher. Not only because the pay is bad or it takes five years to become one, but also because I know after a few years I couldn’t do it anymore. Simply because I’m a short-tempered person and just the thought of me working with crying, exhausting little humans puts me on the edge of my nerves. As an intern, I really do have fun with them and all kindergarten teachers have my respect for doing this job, but I won’t choose this path.

On that note, I will go to bed and wonder what on earth I’m going to do with my life right now and once I’ve graduated.


Just kidding, I’m gonna make some tea and read Malory’s King Arthur (obsessions ftw).



PS.: Sorry for the lack of updates, I will try to write something entertaining and worth reading in the future not just ‘life lately blah’-stuff.

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