Challenges are coming up

Hey dolls,

I finally managed to get a halfway decent post done.


Since I’ll be going back to school tomorrow (yeah I know right… On a Thursday… But that’s Germany! shrug) I decided to show you three of the outfits I planned.

The main item is my favorite black skirt from Orsay (which I wear at least once a week). Lately, I completely gave up on jeans, etc. and focused on dresses and skirts instead! I think it suits me better than tight pants… (though I’d loved to wear some bordeaux chinos!)

Anyways, read on for said outfits.

Cardigan, Shirt, Flats: H&M, Skirt: Orsay, Necklace: Paris Kid’s, Bag: Tally Weijl

Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch, Shirt, Flats: H&M, Necklace: NewYorker, Bag: David Stern

Cardigan, Top: H&M Japan, Skirt: Orsay, Tights: Falke, Flats: Payless, Bag: David Stern, Necklace: Thomas Sabo, Bracelet: from Santa Barbara

(What’s with this face?! Sometimes I look like having a stroke while taking pictures. Urgh.)

Anyways, I’m kinda nervous when I think of tomorrow… It’s not the usual ‘What if the other kids don’t like me?’-thing that makes mothers take their kids in an typical teenage-embarassing hug. It’s more like ‘What if I don’t like anyone and isolate myself again? What if I’m surrounded by idiots? What if I just can’t help myself but hate everyone? What if… ‘ blaaaahblaaah.

I know this sounds stupid, but when I went to secondary school, I didn’t have many friends, mainly because I didn’t like the others (okay, they didn’t like me either), or just found everything boring. And when I went to nurse college, my classmates were so freaking nice and all of us would become friends in a really short amount of time. And now I’m wondering, if I was spoiled by this and have to go back to ‘not being friends with 80 % of my classmates’.

I know I have to adjust myself, and that it is really important to be more open and nice to the people around me, but it actually worked quite well not to (apart from the fact that I was so excited to get away from the city for, like, ever).

What would you do? Bonus points for honest criticism (even ‘what the hell is wrong with you’-comments) !

Also, on Monday I have the theoritical exam to get my driver’s license and the internship everyone at school has to do starts… The whole system is really confusing, so I’ll do an extra post of explaining it.

Well then, I shall get to sleep now to have a friendly face tomorrow!


6 responses to “Challenges are coming up

  1. All of the outfits look fab, which one did you wear?

    Course you gotta adjust but in all honesty I love you the way you are. AND WE MET OVER THE FUCKING INTERNET AND WE COULD HAVE BEEN PEDOPHILES AND STUFF YOU KNOW
    No my point is, some people will love you the way I do and some just won’t. I don’t have many friends and I highly doubt I’m going to find “new friends” in University.

    School is just “Mittel zum Zweck” so you can go and make your dreams come true. Don’t get all upset about the stupid people in your class. Sure, Tölz being a smaller town than Munich might be a problem but not really.

    And you can always call/text/come here if it all gets too much.

    But you gonna rock all this!!!! I believe in you :)♥

    Over and Out

    • yeah after today I think it will work out somehow. Half of the people I’m in with are morons, but oh well (like I didn’t have this before)

      anyways, I’ll give you a detailed report on saturday 🙂 I’ll call you around noon, okay?

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