Recent Obsessions

The reason why I’ve been absent from this blog is: I’ve been obsessed. With all kinds of stuff. Visiting some friends. Finally watching The Dark Knight Rises and going totally mad over it (The latter one is the main reason, to be honest).

Nothing interesting has happened so far. And it was just too hot lately to take nice photos (most of the time I was trying to stand the heat outside or hiding in the cellar…)

Read on if you’re interested in what has kept me occupied lately.

Everything related toBatman. Really. (Under The Red Hood is great!)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My tumblr has sort of become a JGL fangirl-blog… Especially after I re-watched Inception and 500 Days of Summer.

Christian Bale – Which is quite weird, because I was a fan of Chris Nolan’s batman movies before, but somehow I never gave him that much attention (compared to Gary Oldman… cough.)

Mad Men.

Ken Follet’s World Without End. Amazing book! Click here if you’re interested.

Batman-inspired fashion. (hard to pull off though)

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban PC game. 

Have a nice week!!


4 responses to “Recent Obsessions

    • yeah I think so too. but i guess it was impossible to exceed the dark knight… which is a shame, because the third movie would have been excellent if it was a single one.

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