Because my sister returned from America on Tuesday, it sort of became a welcome-back-home-hiking-tour.

On a lovely Sunday morning, we got up at 7:45 am and made our way into the wild (just kidding, it’s only about 20 minutes). Earlier, we met some friends of my sister and her boyfriend and hat breakfast at McDonald’s (yeah I know…).

So the trail itself was actually not that hard, (though the guys were faster then me but well that wasn’t a big surprise) but I kinda died. Or at least almost. I was so freakin exhausted, my HR was about 140, my lungs hurt and made a weird noise and I was close to fainting. But I didn’t give up! And I’m really proud of that, haha. I should quit smoking already…

So the others (especially the guys) were pretty fast as if it was nothing (meh), but my lovely sister stayed with me and cheered me up. I’m really grateful~


My sister and me (wearing the lovely Santa Barbara City College hoodie she brought me from there – Muhahaha.)

This mountain is called ‘Seekar’. There are two ways to get to the top: a mountain road (for the people who live/work at the cabin) and a trail, where you kind of climb over roots, rocks, etc. We took the latter one and apart from the fact that I nearly died of exhaustion, it’s really nice! (I noticed this when we went back down) I kinda like those rough ways and there were a lot of amazing waterfalls to look at!

Damn, I just love it here. Even if it’s as exhausting as this – the view and a nice meal (plus a cold beer) is worth all the pain!

So when we reached the cabin, I stayed there and waited for the others, who went up to the top, where my sister took some awesome pictures!

The summit cross on top of the mountain.

I’m really glad we did this – It’s been years since I went hiking (and I have all those awesome mountains practically in my garden…).

Also, I still have the goal to go hiking in Japan (watching the sunrise from the Fuji-yama… Yes I definitely need to do this)

Have a nice week!

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