when life gives you lemons…

…turn them into a new theme. (woha. cheesy! I never made good jokes, I should stop it already…)

OR: News from the building lot.

Sooooo I wanted  WML to have a complete new look, which includes:

  • new theme (+ nice header)
  • being colorful
  • a new name (which I haven’t decided on yet, but more about that later)
  • more… content (yeah I haven’t figured that out, either)

Anyways, the theme is called Fruit Shake, the background is made with pattern by shizoo and the header is from zastavki.com (with a little bit of editing).

I’m more the pink type, but I really like it! The lemons add a fresh feeling to it, plus it’s summer AND I caught a cold (yeah… summer is being a little hypocrite lately) and I always loved lemons… So yeah… I can’t explain it that good because I tried how the pattern would look with the rest of the theme and it was really nice and I thought ‘Hmmmmm a lemon look… AWESOME’ Cough.
And then the search for a matching header began… From time to time I was annoyed and tried raspberries, but it didn’t look as good as with the lemons so this is the result… Again, I really like it!
I don’t have much knowledge about web design, but I want a nice and fitting appearance. Deadly combination, I know. But whatever, it looks good, I’m happy, I hope you are too and I will hopefully take care of the other things I wanted to change on this (soon nameless) blog.

No onto the name. WHAT MAKES US LIVE was the first name that popped into my head and since I didn’t find anything better (I mean something like ‘The Cupcake Girl’ wtf seriously? boooooring) but I didn’t quite follow this motto and I’d like to name my blog after something that is more me.

So my first thoughts were The Jelly Girl, Maison Steph/Faye (because that’s sorta  my nickname online), The Faye Syndrome, Destination Unknown (because that’s how my life is, really, mostly in a negative way), From Steph to You, Drive my car (yeah I would probably list all my favorite Beatles song now)…
I didn’t want an ‘ordinary’ (=more common) name like ‘Pumps and Chocolate or ‘Munich is for lovers’ (which is actually quite a great name but a) I don’t blog that much about this city since I moved back to my parents’ and b) one of my friends already uses that name) or something like that.

My blog is about me, my life, things I like/hate and clothes I absolutely love (yeah I’m selfcentered) so of course the title needs to match all of these categories.

Personally, I like The Faye Syndrome the most, but I know myself and I’ll probably hate it in 6 months. Unfortunately my absolute favorite, ‘The Shower must go on’ doesn’t fit this blog at all…

I know my life is so hard…  Uwaaaahh. Anyways, I will solve all of these problems until school starts someday in September (15th, I think?).

(I will probably go for The Faye Syndrome anyways… sigh)

Well, everyone, have a nice week!


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