Lately, I’ve been totally in love with KOBE LETTUCE.

Their clothes (especially the dresses!) are pretty, cool and cheap.
For someone like me (who somehow always falls in love with expensive things), this is a nice extra.
Of course, there are certain problems when buying online in Japan: sometimes it’s that there’s no international shipping, mainly you have to own a credit card (which I don’t)…

Anyways, those are my favorite items:

floral pattern – always a win.

I totally fell for the blue bag. so gorgeous!

There’s a feature in Jelly’s September issue:

Jelly is becoming one of my favorites…


As for myself, I had an accident with my bike yesterday. Because of my earphones I didn’t hear another biker coming from behind me and we crashed into each other. So now my left leg is bruised and really swollen. It hurts every time I try to walk down the stairs in our house… Damn. I really hope it gets better, I don’t want to go to the hospital since my sister is coming back on Tuesday.

I hope, you have a nice evening!



4 responses to “Lettuce…

  1. Never heard of Jelly Magazine so thanks for introducing it to me. Love the style! Follow back if you want any makeup or skin care knowledge! ❤

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