I just realised that about 483 people visited my blog so far.
Really? 483 people are interested in what I post, the clothes I wear and what I grumble about? Wow. I’m amazed.

I’m really grateful to you guys – to all of you who bear with me, to all of you who follow this mess, to all of you who bother to read this! YOU ARE AWESOME!

I know I have to work on myself – improve my writing and get better photos done… But that’s why I’m doing this here! This blog will be my long-term-metamorphosis! And the people who read this and comment are helping me a lot! This is even more motivating, so I’ll keep doing my best!

Phew. First blog-milestone. I feel like my non-existent daughter just entered kindergarten and I’m taking a photo with her. In a nice dress.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to Munich and meet up with some friends from the dorm. And I’ll go shopping! FINALLY! After a three-month abstinence (well, not always).

Everyone, have nice week!

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