From Japan with love.

this morning, a package from Neo Tokyo with the July/August issues of Seventeen, Jelly and CanCam arrived! Finally! It took them long enough, since I probably ordered them in June? Anyways, that’s normal for them. Also, the magazines are so damn overpriced at yesasia, so I’m happy not to have depend on them… (though 7-10 is still quite expensive for a magazine, but oh well…)

Anyways, this made me super happy and I spent nearly the whole day flipping through them.

PLUS the japanese study book I bought online came a few weeks ago (but I simply forgot it LOL) Part 2 already… Uwaah!

Also, I think WordPress for BlackBerry sucks, but I’ll use it for the time being. And if anyone knows a good photo editor (except photo studio) for BlackBerry, please share it, I’d be really grateful!

Have a good night!


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