wether it’s love or war you’re outfitting for…

…always remember to be ORDINARY.

(This is going to be a rage-post)

If someone (really important) told you, the way you live your life and plan everything is too extravagant and that you should be more like other ‘ordinary’ people, would you do it?

(This must seem weird to you guys, since I never really actually wrote about my life…)

I just got in a major fight with my parents and the reason is just so ridiculous that I’m laughing about it myself: I wanted to shop online at Forever21! SHOCKING!

It went on like ‘everything you do is different from the ways others do’ and ‘why do you have to buy even more clothes/bags, you already have so many’, ‘get your life straight’ etc. It was simply ridiculous.

In the end they said I should just be more ‘normal’ and behave like an eighteen-year-old.

I can’t believe this!

First, they’ve never, NEVER said anything like this.
Second, what is ‘normal’? I get that living in a small town doesn’t mean high-life, but this is ridiculous.
Third, to ask me being ‘ordinary’/’normal’ is kind of insulting! All I do is about being someone. That’s why I chose to become a nurse, to actually help people and take care of them. And if it’s about fashion, well I don’t want to be boring. I love fashion, being dressed-up, even if it’s just for myself. And well, fashion in Germany isn’t that exciting, so I tend to buy overseas, so what? Just because I don’t shop at H&M all the time, it doesn’t mean I’m a flighty person who doesn’t know what to do in life. Or being an honorable person.
I know they’re still upset or angry at me because I dropped out from nursing school (which wasn’t entirely my fault), but it’s not like I’m gonna stay at their house forever and do nothing.
I was in a crisis and didn’t know what to do after my plans for the future crashed, but now, I’ve decided to go back to school and then attend university.
It’s true, I don’t want to work at an office like probably 70 % in this country do, and I don’t want to live at the same place forever, either. I do want to travel the world, work abroad, etc. But does this make me ‘extravagant’? I simply have different plans for my life, that’s all.

Maybe this is because both my parents were from another generation grew up in tiny villages and have a different ideology than I have, but this really shocked me. I always thought they were supporting me, with my dream of working in Japan (or France, or Italy…) and my love for fashion, but obviously I was wrong.


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