california & me

random pictures from my trip to Santa Barbara/San Francisco in February.

Part I: Santa Barbara, where I visited my sister

On the way to Guadalupe.

Cachuma Lake. Its color is so amazing!

The Santa Ynez Mountains.

The Ocean Blvd., where the Hotel my parents and I stayed at was located. I love this place!

My beautiful sister and I! (Trenchcoat: H&M)

This reminded us so much of OC, California! Source.

Beautiful mosaic on the pavements of Santa Barbara.

The last day in Santa Barbara, just before we went to a really nice dinner! Source.

According to the menu, this was a Macaron. I do know better, but it was still good! (Though I didn’t manage to eat the whole thing)

Part II: San Francisco with my parents.

My room at the Nikko SF. So amazing!

The view from my room. Also pretty amazing.

Stalking the opposite’s building zen-rooftop-garden, haha.


My outfit for the first night (sorry for the crappy quality). Dress: T-Flower, cardigan: Benetton, clutch: offbrand, tights: H&M, pumps: sertys

Market Street.

Fishermen’s Wharf (forgot the number of the Pier. 13? 14?), of course! Loved this place, alhough it was full of tourists.

A little too much black here.

More amazing buildings from my room, haha!

And, of course, a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I’d loved to swim a bit there, but it was just too cold.


Well, that’s it for now! It was already a lot. I should my next post should/will have more text in it 🙂


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