fleamarkets at night, stormtroopers & lakes.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to the nocturnal fleamarket which was in town. I was in a bad mood because I got in a fight with my best friend before, so I went on my own, but in the end it was still a lot of fun!

There were many people selling their stuff: clothes, old letters & medals, glasses… it was just so much. I even bought something, though I didn’t intend to, haha.

If you tilt up the cover, there’s a mirror and a music box, which plays a simply wonderful melody. I decided to put my jewelry in there.

As I passed through people, I met a guy wearing a stormtrooper armor! He was really kind and let me get a a picture taken. A very nice guy, but unfortunately, I forgot to ask for his name,.

It was already after 10 PM, so the quality of this picture is not good at all. (dress: h&m, cardigan: ann christine, hat: vintage) now you get to see me with glasses, haha!

And today, my parents and I went to the Walchensee, a lake about 30 km from home. It was really breezy and the water was cold, but I liked it! We usually don’t go there, but it was a nice change. Also, we got visited by lots of ducks.

(Tunique: H&M, hat: new yorker)



7 responses to “fleamarkets at night, stormtroopers & lakes.

  1. Just stumbled across you, love what you are doing – great pics.
    Strangely, I just posted a rather daft blog about ducks this morning.
    Like you, I love to get out where the air is fresh. I have done a few pieces on Loch Lomond, which is only a few miles from where I live, but a different world.
    I will come back to read more.

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