what’s in my bag & new theme

I thought this might be interesting, because despite those typical girl-stuff we have, the contents of our bags are still different from each other and tell us a lot about the person carrying it.

1:  my vanity bag (close-up down there)
2:  my cellphone
3: Lancôme Absolu Voyage make-up palette (close-up down there)
4: hand cream 
5: wallet
6: keys
7: deodorant
8: mosquito repellent (i’ve been attacked by those huge, disgusting mutants lately!)
9: a book (currently re-reading: grow up by ben brooks), sometimes replaced by a magazine

since I always have my Lancôme palette with me, I only have powder, sometimes eye-shadow and emergency lipstick in my vanity bag. Speaking of emergency: I always have drugs prepared – Wick DayMed (when I caught a cold and need to be fit for one day), diclorin (when my right knee starts hurting again) and buscopan (I have like the worst menstrual cramps ever, which means I even can’t get out of bed. and no, taking the pill does not help) are my usuals. Also, nasal spray has a safe place, since I tend to have a runny nose.

I just LOVE this palette. I have a lot, because my father often brought me one from his business trips, but this is my favorite! There’s just everything I need and all the products are just perfect for me. I found the perfect lipstick and mascara.
Plus, it fits into all my bags (except for the clutches, obviously.)

Also, I got bored with my theme so here’s the new one: simple, more or less pink and cute.

Now, I better go of to the fitness studio and later on I’ll be going to the nocturnal fleamarket – so excited!


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