ashley embroidery

yay, outfit!1111

Today I wore one of the few lolita dresses I still have (plus it’s a brand-one, that makes it even more rare!). It’s from Innocent World and THAT one piece I’ll never be able to give away.

Ashley Embroidery JSK: Innocent World
Flats: H&M
Satchel: Tally Weijl

(sorted by high to low! haha)

It’s been really rainy the last two days, so weather today wasn’t that good. Also, I wasn’t on top myself, so most of the (actually nice) pictures I took got ruined by my grumpy face… But since I wanted to post pictures of this dress since forever, I’ll be satisfied with these.

oh and I got a haircut! Totally forgot about that.

A friend of mine is a stylist and she always practises on me to try new things, so I get all my haircuts, etc for free 😀 she also helped me dying, but since it’s already been a few weeks I should re-dye… It should be some sort of chocolate brown.
I’m glad she helped me because I really really am so lazy when it comes to trying new things with my hair… I always see pretty hairstyles and think ‘Oh yeah, I want to try that too’ but in the end I don’t. It’s always the same!

But since she cut my hair my curls are back! Because, actually I have natural curls, but when I wanted to have long hair they sort of looked really ‘drained’.
And more volume plus more awesomeness! I’m just lovin it.

Everyone has been like crazy lately because of the UEFA Euro, but instead of watching the games I did some tours with my bike, because the streets are never that empty. I’ve never really been a soccer-fan (I’m more on the hockey and lacrosse-side) but especially this year nothing really made me watch the games… But yeah I was kinda happy that Spain won.
Oh, I watched the match against Greece though! Even Angela Merkel watched it. Man, that must’ve been bitter for Greece… Germany, Europe’s nerd, winning once again (well, not for long anyway).

Oh and Senga Kento finally gets more attention: he got a role at Higashino Keigo Mysteries! I’m so happy for him.
Image Hosted by

3 weeks left until The Dark Knight Rises opens in german cinemas! I’m sooo excited! A friend and I already decided to go, but we have to look out for tickets on the first day, because they’re really hard to get…

Well I’m talking too much random stuff again, haha!

And happy Independence Day! I can’t wait for my sister’s report 😀

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