skinny, skinnier…

As I checked marimo’s blog, I saw her latest post with an picture of Popteen’s latest special (or first, I don’t know that).

The writing on the right, ダイエットBOOK(daietto book), means ‘diet book’ .

I was really disappointed to see that. Obviously it’s not enough that they share stories of girls who went on diet and lost weight in the original magazine, now there’s a whole special issue to that topic?

Anyone who ever took a look at Popteen knows that their models (which are often also readers of the magazine) are underweight. It’s as simple as that. Even though they’re asian. For example, their most popular model Kumikki is 155,3 cm/61.14 in tall with a weight of 38 kg/87 lb. I don’t read other gyaru-Magazines, so this is as far as I’m concerned the most extreme example I have in hand.

I don’t judge people if they want to lose weight though I still find it kind of pathetic to lose weight because ‘all of the pretty girls in magazines and on tv’ (photoshop, people.)

Anyways, as a person who’s overweight (85 kg/187 lb at 167 cm/65 in) I know about feeling ugly, fat, not thin enough to fit in those pretty dresses and skinny jeans, etc.

It’s certainly not great to see others wearing the clothes you want so badly
And because of the media there’s a high pressure on girls to be ‘pretty’.
That’s why I don’t think it’s okay to encourage diets (especially if they could be dangerous, like the one that Pikarin is recommending it’s every girl’s own choice to go on a diet or just eat what she wants.

What many people don’t understand is that there are people who just aren’t made to be skinny and pretty; some look simply better with more weight.

 (sorry for the bad quality, I took it with my BB)

This article is from US Glamour’s February 2012 issue. I bought it while visiting my sister in Santa Barbara and it really encouraged me.
After I read this, I sort of felt inner peace. I’d probably look horrible if I went down to 50 kilos.

Popteen’s diet pages always disturbed me, but I still read the magazine because of the fashion. Also, Popteen ecnourages plastic surgery and as a magazine, that is targeted to teens, I just can’t help but think: ‘What’s wrong with you guys?’ I mean, nose jobs, liposuctions, etc. for teenagers? (Though, plastic surgery in Japan is another topic…)

This doesn’t go for Popteen only, but Seventeen as well, one of my favorite Magazines. Diets are more subtile there, but they are here. And their models are known for being underweight.

Because of this I admire people like Kitagawa Keiko or Tsuchiya Anna (former Seventeen models), who were considered as fat. (And that’s why I hate Sasaki Nozomi, who simply states that non-japanese models are fat)

Maybe this is the reason why I stopped buying Popteen and started downloading the scans… I feel bad about supporting such a magazine and I will certainly not read another issue in the near future.

It’s painfiul to see girls struggling or becoming sick because of ‘a perfect body’. Of course, sometimes I read through Seventeen or CanCam and I know I’ll never be wearing this beautiful dresses, because I don’t fit in, but it’s okay because I still can buy pretty clothes and I don’t think I’m so ugly either.

I know girls who went on dangerous diets, took pills or became anorexic because of all the things I named before and it’s simply horrible.

That’s probably why I love 50s-fashion so much, because they didn’t even worry about being thin enough to look nice in a short skirt.



18 responses to “skinny, skinnier…

  1. Yes, it’s really shocking to see that a lot of people want to be that skinny and that such magazines encourage young girls to go on diets & have plastic surgery. I don’t like this side of Japan. A lot of Japanese people talk about dieting, their only goal is to be skinny. Even guys talk about it. Not all of them seem to understand that if you want muscles, you need to eat fatty foods too.
    Anyway, I’m glad you don’t want to go on a diet, diets don’t work, they just make you gain weight afterwarts. I’m trying to eat healthy (that’s why I make bentos) but healthy means eating a variety of foods to me. I believe in eating all kinds of food but in moderation :).

    • yes! and exercising is a part of dieting, but many people just don’t want to see that.

      i don’t understand how they can do that to teenage girls, who are really sensitive when it comes to their weight. i was it myself, everytime i saw something about a diet, i thought ‘i must do this too!’

      it’s crazy how obsessed (young) japanese people are with this stuff.
      but i guess if everything around you is about dieting, being skinny & pretty and you don’t have a change, you sooner or later start absorbing this lifestyle…

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I just watched 5 episodes (and still on going) of the first season of Drop Dead Diva and they just talked about this! Me myself was infuenced by this and tell you not, I had trouble breathing and was fainting due to starving myself. I realized that I need to stop especially I have a family and a son who was only 2 by that time. I don’t know with this media influences! I don’t know who to blame, but I blame myself for letting them influence my perspective about being “skinny as the hottest”.

    I lvoe this post. I hate how skinny the girl is in the magazine though. I don’t hate coz I’m jealous but I hate how this can influence teens out there that this is the definition of sexy! 😦

    • Really? That sounds horrible!
      But it’s great you changed your mind, especially for your family!

      I seriously don’t know why ‘skinny’ is seen as ‘sexy’.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you! I see so many girls obsessed with their weight, going on dangerous diets and even getting gastric bypass surgery just to lose some weight – WTF?
    Living healthy is the most important thing, then you’ll live happy as well and everyone will recognize that. Real beauty shines from within and even though these skinny girls might look attractive on the magazine covers, no guy would like to date a girl that only lives on dry salad leaves.
    You are such an amazing person and very, very beautiful. Seriously, all the people who see pictures of us on facebook keep telling me that. Don’t you ever feel bad about yourself because you ARE truly beautiful!

    • It’s sick, right?! As if there’s nothing more important than weight and fitting in the smallest sizes!

      I mean, dieting is useless, if you still don’t have a healthy lifestyle! And it’s totally obvious when someone is unhappy, no matter how beautiful her body is! Also, I simply don’t believe that guys only like skinny girls…

      Awww thank you! Those things really cheer me up and reassure me that i’m on the right way! I mean, it’s really hard to to think of yourself as truly pretty, if you’re surrounded by people who are skinny… But I feel way more confident now ❤

  4. IKR!!!!
    When I read Okarie’s blog I’m always so shocked because she’s so freakin skinny and she still is doing diets!
    I mean I am kinda weight-concious because I want to fit into my nice japanese clothes but I wouldn’t ever like take drugs or sth for it.
    It’s just sick! X.x

    • Yeah and was like soooo pretty one year ago! But she’s lost so much weight… It’s really sad, because just like marimo, she doesn’t need to go on a diet!!

      It doesn’t have to be drugs, just skipping meals can be dangerous!

  5. This is an interesting post, i enjoyed reading it and i totally hear where your coming from. As a half japanese and half british girl influenced by the japanese lifestyle and society it is difficult not to want there figure because thats what they think is beautiful. Im not overweight or fat but im not skinny either and i cant help but feel a slight relief when i see bigger japanese girls than the popteen models. Even japanese guys like that whole skinny thing (well most of them anyway) but there are many who dont.

    But i just wondered these popteen models, when they go on these diets and lose weight do they still keep the diet going? Or do they go back to the way they used to eat?
    But yeah enjoyed this blog post (=゚ω゚)ノ

    • thanks for your comment!
      it’s the environment that makes us feel like that. and with your cultural background, I’m sure you feel even more like this.

      I honestly don’t know if they keep the diet going, but I guess they don’t eat that much anyway.

  6. So when these popteen models go on these diets and reach their goal weight or the weight they are now, do they carry on with the diet or do they just eat as they did before? |( ̄3 ̄)|

    • well i guess it’d be of no use if they’d go on with the diet right? so they probably go back to eating ‘normal’. i can’t speak for all of those models, but i heard that a few go back to eating normal and then try a new diet after a short amount of time. so it’s a constant dieting-not-dieting-circulation…

      • Gosh |( ̄3 ̄)|
        As a girl who is half japanese its almost like pressure to look like those popteen models, japanese society is putting on young girls to have a perfect body. When i go japan or see japanese girls who are ‘big’ i feel a slight relief (sounds silly but i do ) that there are bigger gorls in japan and not the stick thin type. They say japanese men go for those skinny girls but when i see a japanese guy with a bigger girl i feel better that not all of japanese think that way

      • yeah i know what you mean. eating disorders also don’t receive the attention they should have, which makes it even more dangerous. that’s why i stopped reaing popteen, because I think it’s so wrong to encourage young girls to be as skinny as the models are or to have a plastic surgery. it’s just wrong.

  7. Actually I’m like most of the models. I mean I’m super skinny, but I feel sick, I don’t know if I feel excellent or awful with myself °~°

    • you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself at all, that’s not what I meant with this post. I wanted to point out how a negative body image is being promoted, that’s all. if you’re comfortable with your body – no matter if you’re skinny or obese or whatever – don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

      • Ok, thank you :*
        I don’t feel happy for all those girls who risk their lives. Just for be skinny and “beautiful”.
        Sometimes people call me with nicknames that are not really friendly and… well they just make me feel uncomfortable with myself

  8. This is super late but my god ! 87 lbs!! I can’t read japanese well and unfamiliar with kg so whenever I saw these weightloss pages I always felt uncomfortable but not totally shocked seeing thin ladies turn into even thinner ladies doing things like the water diet. But that’s grossly underweight… the female needs fat to keep it going. I want to be thin but mostly I want to be fit and toned and strong even if that means I don’t lose a pound. It’s really is scary to me what these magazines are promoting.

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