Romance ‘n Roses.

Sorry to spam your Reader, but I had to post this outfit today!

This is one of the days when I’m not seeing my closet as a trash bin and I got some really got photos while – yes! – shooting outdoors. My camera did a fantastic job this time!

I know this look circulated in Popteen/Popsister/etc. last year a lot, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I found this belt in the stuff I still have to unpack and then the idea of this outfit formed in my head.

dress: offbrand, cardigan + trenchcoat: H&M, boots: Ann Christine, belt: Forever21,  bag: Promod, necklace: New Yorker, sunglasses: Camden Market

roses! ooh i love roses!

face close-up. normally totally killing, but today… seems like I had luck 😀

Apart from that, things went not so well. I had to cancel my flight to stockholm, because there was a mistake while booking. So instead of July 12 – July 17th it was booked for September. And since Lufthansa doesn’t allow rebooking we’re kinda screwed now.

I’m really sad, since I wanted to go Stockholm really bad and I’m also sorry for my friend who waited for this a long time…

Well, I hope I can go another time.


6 responses to “Romance ‘n Roses.

  1. that outfit is awesooooome :)))))
    And gosh I love that place. If I ever have money again (and it doesn’t look like it, how on earth did I imagine I could pay a flat? I dun have any money already!) I want to to go there again and make some nice pictures 🙂

  2. I totally looove your dress!! it suits you really well, now if you’ll excuse me I’m about to go spaznasticated clicking ‘Like’ on this amazing blog 😛

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