Father’s Day gift

This is for the 51st IFB project.

In my family, we don’t give huge or expensive gifts – last year, we had breakfast with champagne for Mother’s Day – so this will be a rather small & simple guide.

I mostly include 3 things in my gifts: something to eat, something you can use and something pretty.

For example: My father got dark chocolate (70 %), an Iny Lorentz book and flowers.


If your dad is a reader (like mine) a book like John Grisham’s latest novel is a perfect gift! Also, a nice frame with pictures of his favorite daughter might be a nice gift, too. just kidding, my sister and me always used nice pictures of us two or the whole family.


If your daddy is into sports, why not present with a gift related to his favorite sport! I chose biking glasses, but gloves, a hairband, etc. would be nice, too!

If you’re a gifted painter, why not give a painting of yours? Before my sister moved out, she used to give us beautiful paintings she made herself – we have many in our house and I love them!

get the frames here.


Why do I always forget the challenges?

3 responses to “Father’s Day gift

  1. wann war nochmal vatertag? Ich hab da glaub ich mal vor einem Monat gratuliert…! öhm

      • ja das hab ich schon mitbekommen, kommt man ja auch schwer dran vorbei, aber verwirrt hat es mich trotzdem. Aber gut, dann hab ich ja am richtigen Tag gratuliert 😛

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