My Scrapbook!

Since I haven’t posted any outfits lately, I should at least make a post related to them.

This scrapbook is where I collect all the outfits I like, taken from magazines, tumblr or anything else. This is what inspires me. Also, it’s a great way to see how my taste in clothing develops.

and a little extra:

my sweet baby! Her name is Mariko, but my family just calls her cat…She was sleeping on my bed, but when I wanted to take a picture, I woke her up. She’s not really into being photographed, haha.

have a nice weekend!


9 responses to “My Scrapbook!

  1. oooor you could just use pinterest 😛 but I guess it’s for the best to not even get started on that thing, I feel like my afternoon gets sucked into a wormhole everytime I go on pinterest lol

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