finally, a new outfit post! I dug out some of my old dresses from my Lolita-days and this is one I really love!

Taking pictures today was a bunch of work. First, the light was really bad, I had to use a lfashfor every picture (and I’m that kind of person who looks like a corpse then), then the sunbeams came through my window, and my white cardigan suddenly went totally bright, etc….. Then I took my dad’s camera (a sony cybershot whatever) and those pictures went better, but the light was still really bad (that’s the curse of my room, I guess….) and that’s how it looks for now. From now on, I’ll shoot outdoors. period. Even if it – like the last couple of days – rains like hell.

anyways, I hope you like it!

Dress: Bodyline, Cardigan: Mango, Shoes: Bella, Necklace: offbrand, Satchel: H&M

I’m thinking of getting myself a new camera. For starters, I prefer the same model as my dad’s, but then what would be the point of buying a new one if I could just use his?

Any reccomendations for under 150 €?

And I noticed just how washed-out my hair is… I really need to dye it again – after I dyed them like every month for 2 years they hardly keep any color. So right now I’m thinking about chocolate brown, a really light brown or black. The latter makes me look like a corpse, so I might have to get a slight tan if I choose this. What do you think? (btw, blonde doesn’t suit me at all.)

have a nice week!


8 responses to “Melody

  1. totally agree with the others, love the shoes! and as for the hair, I’d go for a light chocolate brown or chestnut color. and make sure you don’t use a “Färbung” but “Tönung” – since you have to go through the process every month or so anyways you can just go for the more gentle version. XOXO

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