Midnight in Paris recap

Yesterday, I watched Midnight in Paris, a 2011 movie starring Owen Wilson as main character.
You can read about the movie here.

The movie begins with a stroll through Paris (only the beautiful parts though). This made me really miss the city!

so beautiful!


Gil and his fiancée, Inez.


love Rachel McAdams outfit!


Inez’ parents.


meeting friends from university, Paul and Carol.


awwww, Versailles! personally, I like the garden more than the castle – it just seems like it’s endless and I felt really free there.

Paul the wannabe-know-it-all.

Carla Bruni as tourist guide! LOL

A beautiful view of Paris with a not so beautiful wannabe-Sommelier.

Gil refuses to accompany Inez, Paul and Carol to a dance.

Instead he wanders around Paris. Would’ve done the same to be honest!

And then a mystic automobile appears.

‘Come in bro!’ (ok, not really.)

‘What is this place?’

And here they are: Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald! Kind of weird to see Tom Hiddelston in this role, but Alison Pill looks great!

Ernest Hemingway!


Zelda and Ernest ‘don’t like’ each other. Well, Zelda was a feisty woman! And Ernest wasn’t such a Gentlemen, either.

Gil is stunned by meeting the Lost Generation. I would’ve probably started shaking if I met Fitzgerald or Hemingway.

Gil tells Inez about the events of last night…

…but she’s just like ‘Dude, wtf are you talking about?’ so boring.

Walking in the rain can actually be pretty nice, if you have a huge umbrella.

Gil wants to show Inez what happened.


…nothing happens, so…

…she goes back to the hotel, while Gil…

…stays and gets another mystic-automobile-ride.

With Ernest! yay!

Pablo Picasso! I’ve waited for this one.

And here we have Gertrude Stein (portraied by the awesome Kathy Bates!), author and host of a famous literary salon. She was a huge influence of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and many others. Also, artists like Picasso, Dali or Matisse exhibited their pictures here.

Marion Cotillard as Picasso’s lover Adriana! No one could’ve been better!

The men’s attention goes to her…

…do I feel something between them?

‘I rilli liked uur book.’ love her accent.

‘wait, you did?’ so cute!

I love places like this, so romantic!

Gil rummages through old records.

Clémence Poésy! I love her!

Paul showing off again.

Monet? Matisse? Either way, it’s stunning.

Gil talking about how he saw Adriana – and making everyone think he’s stoned.


Dinner with Inez’ parents.

‘Gil is wandering around again. He says it helps him improve his book. *shrug*’

Timetravel again.

They’re so cute together!

Ernest interrupting.

Gil is walking Adrian home when…

they see Zelda…

…being crazy over a fight with Scott. Gil gives her valium (‘What iis sis? You have medisiine?’) and she calms down.

And at a café, he meets…

Salvador Dali, played by Adrien Brody! GREAT!


Inez reminds Gil that they’re meeting up with Paul and Carol again.


While Gil talks to Carla…

…while his soon-to-be father-in-law…

…hires a P.I.

He takes off…

…and is being followed.

mystic automobile-ride vol. 3

Gertrud telling Gil what she thinks about his book.

She likes it, but he has to put more of ‘how artists fill the emptiness in their hearts’ in it.

Inez and her parents are going on a trip with Paul and Carol, while Gil…

…rather walks at the Seine. Good choice.

Clémence Poésy again!

That’s a good match, too.

Carla translating a book that was probably written by Adriana to Gil.

And they meet again!

finally! such a beautiful kiss.

While they sit down at a café…

…another time-travel-vehicle appears.

Adriana loves it, and so do I!


They’re perfect together!

Moulin Rouge.

Adriana enjoys it…

…and then they spot…

…Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec!

Picasso is apparently a huge fan of him.

They’re quickly joined by Paul Gauguin and Edgar Degas, who admit they’d also rather live in the past – the Renaissance, to be exact.

Gil and Adrina finally have a talk.

Gil doesn’t understand why Adriana likes the Belle Époque.

Adriana on the other hand hates the 20s. She decides to stay here, while Gil returns to…

Getrauds salon. She finally tells him her opinion about his book.

‘I wish you all the best.’

Back in ‘our time’, Gil tells Inez everything, while she tells him he’s crazy.

He recommends them breaking up…

…which makes her completely mad.

In the end, she tells him to leave.

Gil finally admits to himself that people always want to live in the past, because it seems easier and more exciting.

and when he mets Clémence Poésy again…

…he decides to take on the present and stay in paris.

‘Can I walk you home?’

perfect ending.


phew. that was long. I hope i didn’t tire you too much, but there was just sooo much I couldn’t miss to talk about!


6 responses to “Midnight in Paris recap

    • London gefiel mir fast besser, da gibt es mehr schöne ecken 🙂 und die stadt hat einfach etwas, wo man sich sofort zuhause fühlt. irgendwie lassen einen die pariser nie vergessen, dass man kein franzose ist ;P

      • da hast du leider völlig recht. vor allem wenn man so gut wie kein französisch spricht ist man ziemlich schnell aufgeschmissen.

      • meine rede! franzosen weigern sich einfach, auch nur ein wort englisch zu sprechen, da würde man sogar noch mit deutsch weiterkommen, wenn sie es denn sprächen…

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