the first of many, many many wishlists that will be posted on whatmakesuslive.

1: a pair of (vintage) cat-eye sunglasses. they have a really cheeky yet elegant attitude. 2: red, shiny pumps. i was never really fan of red shoes, but this year I kind of like them. I don’t know what has changed, but I guess it’s the new outfit that popped up in my head: black maxi dress + pumps + red headband, etc.  3: a nice, not-too-short skirt in pink – so fabulous! 4: a maison scotch t-shirt. I just love their tees & their prints! 5, 6, 7, 8: charms for my bracelet. Thomas Sabo is simply the best!


6 responses to “wishlist.

  1. Hi du! Und thanks fürs followen. Dachte ich mir doch, das du auch jemand bist der bloggt. Und zu der Sonnenbrille würde ich nicht nein sagen^^

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