setting my eyes on stockholm.



I’ll fly to Stockholm in July! I booked everything with my friend Laura, who’s coming with me, on Thursday and I’m like super excited!
I’ve never been to the scandinavian area, but I always wanted to see it, specially Stockholm! It must be such an awesome and interesting city, I really look forward to it.
There are already so many things I want to see, like the Nationalmuseum, the Kunlinga Slottet and the Junibacken! I was a huge fan of Astrid Lindgren when I was little (Michel!) and from what I heard there are also many other authors exhibited.

What i really look forward though is just wandering around, exploring the city, riding with the bus and taking LOTS of photos. and some shopping of course. heh heh.

we have a really nice hotel in an old bilding from 1850s or so and the look form the windows – so awesome! (well, at least on the photos)

I’ll be gone from July 12th til 17th.

and, since summer has ‘officially’ started – that one song that always makes me feel it’s summer and I’m back in Paris:


have a nice weekend!

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