sweet 18.

it’s been nearly two weeks already, but here is finally my post about my birthday.

on tuesday, i went to my friend Chika. we watched avengers in the cinema the (Cinema Munich screens them in english). at midnight, we celebrated, watched watchmen and drank some nice african cream.

on wednesday, my actual birthday, we celebrated at The Martini Club, a prohibition themed bar

dress: Mango, necklace: paris kids, cardigan: UCB, (shoes: offbrand, heart-shaped bag: H&M)

It was simply perfect: All my friends, a simple, quiet celebration and my favorite cocktails. i didn’t want to celebrate at a club (i’m more the bar kind of person) or a huge party.
And i finally got to wear my awesome Mango party dress! I bought it when my sister went to california and i had to do some shopping. the dress was half the price (from 140 € to 70 €) and everyone told me i looked good in it, so i couldn’t say no of course!

on thursday, i met up with my parents, my uncle, my aunt and one of my lovely cousins! We had dinner at Tenmaya, one of Munich’s best japanese restaurants.

I had Takoyaki, Kaisen Yakisoba and Matcha ice cream. so delicious! i could eat there every day, but my wallet wouldn’t take that.

I don’t feel different at all now. In fact, i still feel like being 16. Isn’t that weird?


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