yesterday, i collected herbs flowers with chrissy, she needs about 25 for a herbarium. we went into the forest and found about 7? urgh. afterwards, my skin itched everywhere! i’m glad i don’t have to do this! i like forests and all, but i really don’t know anything about herbs! they look all the same to me… luckily, i’m not allergic to pollen, like chrissy, whose eyes and nose itched all the time. anyways, it took like 2 hours and all we found were herbs like daisies, dandelions, yarrows, nettles, etc.
but we saw deers and cute little mice 😀

Shirt: YESSTYLE Pants: s.oliver necklace: paris kid’s Uchiwa: igaki medical planning (flats: payless Bag: Tally Weijl)

2 responses to “OOTD

  1. wow! That place looks gorgeous with all of the green grass and the trees in the background. would be the perfect place to spend a summer day. Lying in the grass, reading a book or drawing. 😀 Except for the plants that made your skin itch.

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