OOTD + life rant

Hey dolls!

the weather was surprisingly nice yesterday (since we had rain for days) so i decided to wear one of my beloved maxi-skirts (i love anything maxi!).


Cardigan: Ann Christine Top: S.Oliver Skirt: verty Flats: H&M Necklace: New Yorker Bracelet: Santa Barbara souvenir shop Bag: Tally Weijl

A few weeks ago I finally listened to the full version of kisumai’s shake it up! So awesome! They’re doing really good!
Tbqh I haven’t watched the dorama miyacchi is in yet – I’m not really an akb48 fan – soooo I don’t know how he’s doing there. but everyone loves it, so I guess he’s doing quite well.

Job hunting turned out to be quite difficult. I honestly don’t know what I expected, but certainly not getting answers (except one) for my applications. I’m really frustrated right now, because it’s been over a month since I moved back to my parents and still nothing came up. urgh

I really shouldn’t be so sad & frustrated though, it could be way worse! This is what keeps me up, plus watching conan and stalking my loves on bloglovin… LOL


6 responses to “OOTD + life rant

  1. Hi, I hope you find the job you want! Your blog is very good, I like how genuine it is! Thank you for the follow and for the comment! Nice to meet you!

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