it’s not a trick, it’s food

Hello everyone,
and welcome to my first post on whatmakesuslive!

Since most of you don’t really know me, I guess a quick introduction would be useful:
I’m from a small city close to Munich, Bavaria, which lies between lakes, rivers and the mountains. I love the area because of all the beauty and the things you can do (I love snowboarding!).
In September 2011 I moved to downtown Munich, where I lived until March 2012. There, I attended a nurse college but quit because the responsibility was too much. I love working as a nurse, but it was probably not the right thing for me. But I love working with other people, especially in hospitals. Anatomy, diseases, all of this is very interesting. Right now, I’m aiming for a place as a assistant of anesthesia.

After I quit, I moved back to my parents’ house, where I live right now. My sister is currently studying in the U.S., she also has a blog @ wordpress..

My interest in Japan is a result of several influences:

  • My father had business partners in Japan
  • I’m a huge fan of the Meitantei Conan Anime & Manga series since I was six
  • The internet made me discover the wonderful world of Japanese music
  • One of my best friends brought me to Johnny’s Entertainment

I started learning the Japanese Language about a year ago. I love anything related to foreign languages, which is probably the reason why studying Japanese is so much fun.

As for fashion, I was very active in the Lolita scene until fall last year. I was simply by amazed by all those frills, ribbons and petticoats. This lead me to ‘normal’ Japanese fashion and the type of clothes I’m wearing now: very feminine, pastel colors, ribbons, dresses, skirts and high heels (I just love them!).
I have to admit that I’m not really into trends, but lately a lot of trends consisted of clothing or styles I love (vintage, for example). That’s why I mainly follow my own sense of fashion.

As for the themes, every post will have one. I’ll write anything you can say about it, something I think is funny about or stupid, etc…

Now to this week’s (and first!) theme: Food!

I don’t know about you, but I simply love food. It doesn’t matter if it’s homemade or from a restaurant, I just love eating. Which is probably the reason why I’m not really thin at all, but that isn’t nearly as important as happiness to me. Because for me, good food equals happiness. For example, whenever I get to eat Viennese Schnitzel (is that really the correct word?), I am totally hyper.
There are several groups of fruits & vegetables who have a natural appeal to us, like strawberries, apples, tomatoes… Their colors often trigger the production of a hormone called Serotonin, which is responsible of ‘feeling happy’.
Same goes for the mineral Magnesium, which is a real hero when it comes to kill stress. You mainly get it from milk, berries, bananas and poultry.
Other sources of a good mood are amino acids like Phenylalanin and Methionin, found in fish, cheese and curd.
You probably know this already, but chocolate is also well-known for releasing endorphins, caused by the N-acyclethanoloamine group of chemicals.
Chilli is also responsible for the release of endorphins. Maybe I should finally try chilli-chocolate…?

More about food & endorphins here

As for me, I have a loooot of favorite dishes:

  1. Viennese Schnitzel/Katsudon
  2. Salad!! In any kind of way – with cheese, meat, fish or olives – I don’t care, I just love salad! So healthy and if you do it right, it really fills you up.
  3. Gyoza
  4. Pasta
  5. Tempura Udon
  6. Frutti di mare
  7. Steak
  8. Fish & chips with extra salt & vinegar (reminds me of my trip to London last summer…)
  9. Onigiri
  10. Yakisoba

try out foodfuckery! there is sooo much delicious stuff!
I love everything with rice/noodles/potatoes and meat/fish and vegetables in general. I’m also that kind of person who uses a lot of salt. But since I have a low blood pressure, it’s actually kind of useful, as long as I drink enough. It sort of prevents me from fainting in summer, since the heat sort of affects my body circuit badly -____- it’s really annoying, I tell you… like this post if you also use a lot of salt!

If you have any interesting recipes – pass them to me! I love trying out new things, especially when I’m cooking!

Now, what are your favorite dishes?

My favorites of the week:

Source: fashion in japan,

from JJ’s may issue. Dotted blouses with a round collar are so catchy! Both of those outfits are absolute WTBs.

Today’s outfit:

headband, tights, shoes: offbrand, blouse: forever21, skirt: orsay, bag: flea market
headband, tights, shoes, jewelry: offbrand, blouse: forever21, skirt: orsay, bag: flea market
sorry for using your room sis! the light is just so bad in my room…

that’s it for now,
see you next time!

3 responses to “it’s not a trick, it’s food

  1. paah einfach in meinem Zimmer Outfit Fotos geschossen oder was 😛

    gefällt mir aber! Hab Hunger von dem Post bekommen…skype Dienstag um 7 Abends mit Mama, bist dann auch am Start? Alles Liebe ❤

    Achja und antworte mir mal auf die Nachrichten die ich dir immer bei facebook schicke!

    • ja man in meinem ist das licht eht furchtbar und es fehlt immer irgendein körperteil auf dem bild 😦
      danke, freut mich ❤ ich hinterher auhc, hab mir erstmal ne extragroße portion salat gemacht hrhr
      jo bin am start 🙂 ach und welche nachrichten? das letzte was ich gesehen hab war dieses harald-schmidt-video oô

  2. ach und beim nächsten Fotoshooting in meinem Zimmer zieh doch bitte das Spannbettlaken gerade, da schaut die Matratze raus…sieht nicht schön aus! Genau daaa.

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